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What’s ClaimClinic?

ClaimClinic is an online learning system that provides personal injury claimants an easy and effective way to learn how to open, investigate, document, evaluate and negotiate their claim with insurance companies without using a lawyer.

How ClaimClinic Helps You

By Getting You To Control Your Claim

The adjuster will try, if they have not already, to control your claim by asking you to authorize them to obtain information on your behalf. Learn why you need to control your claim and how to do it in a professional manner.

Controlling your claim shows the adjuster early on that you know what you are doing and to respect your claim.

By Getting You Organized

Organization is the biggest key to handling your claim properly. Documenting your claim involved requesting and analyzing documents from all kinds of sources. We give you a notebook system along with worksheets and checklists to stay organized.

Staying organized keeps your claim moving forward and shows the adjuster you know what you are doing.

By Allowing You to Keep ALL of Your Money

Insurance industry research shows people can obtain an equal or better settlement than an attorney once you consider you have to give your attorney a 1/3rd.

We do better then the insurance statistics. We teach you to handle your claim just like an attorney’s office so you end up with the same offer as if you had an attorney AND you get to keep everything.

By Showing You Your Claim’s Value

The single biggest question is “What’s my claim worth?” You will learn all the factors involved in this complicated question and how to handle the adjuster’s arguments trying to lower your claim’s value.

You will know a fair and reasonable value range for your claim. Knowing your claim’s value shows the adjuster you are realistic and know what you are doing, not to mention it keeps you from false expectations.

Everything You Need To Handle Your Own Claim

Notebook System

Staying organized and in command of your claim’s facts is the single biggest factor in maximizing your claim’s value. Our Notebook System keeps you organized with different sections and checklists to drive each area of investigation and documentation.

Forms & Checklists

Over xxx forms and checklists. Leave nothing to chance. The more you manage your claim and the more data you give the adjuster, the better his/her offer will be.

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