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We Asked If We Can See Him As Soon As Possible And He Said How About Today; It Was A Saturday.

I just can’t say enough about David Brauns. David did an amazing job with my husband’s case. I knew from the start he was the right attorney for us because the day we called him he took the time to meet with us. Wait, did I mention it was a Saturday. There was no long drawn out appointment to be made. We asked if we can see him as soon as possible and he said how about today; from that day on he hit the ground running. He took the time to listen and answered any questions. He explained the process. David communicated with us himself. There was no paralegal calling or emailing us. It was David. David was fully engaged in every step. David showed empathy for our family. He went above and beyond to make sure my husband was receiving the best treatment for his injuries. He was awesome to work with and if ever the opportunity arise I will certainly work with him again and again. I am happy to have met him and I thank him for restoring what someone took from us. A peace of mind.

- Lisa C.

Client, With Help Of Brauns Law, Pushes Through Many Problems That Can Occur After A Car Accident.

Mr. Brauns is the BEST!! He and his staff are CARING, UNDERSTANDING, AND THOROUGH!! I would recommend him to anyone!!!! I absolutely love his service!!!!

- Latonya W.

It’s Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

This client came to our firm almost 3 months after getting hurt. He had retained another law firm but wasn’t getting to speak with the attorneys or getting answers to his questions. After devouring our website material he decided to come in for a free consultation. We spent a good hour with him going through how the process was supposed to work (and not like it had been happening for him). We caught a couple strategy mistakes, some of which we could fix and some of which were too late. He decided to terminate his prior attorney and hire our firm to pick up the pieces and move forward. We had his case put together, the Demand drafted, and the case settled in less than a month and a half. If you haven’t worked with another firm before coming to us, it is hard to realize just how fast we move for clients. It is something we hear time and again not just from clients who have been through the process before with other law firms, but from medical providers and other businesses that routinely have to deal with personal injury firms.

This led him to say…

This is the most professional firm I have ever worked with. David answers my calls and e mails quickly. I chose David because I learned more about the process of a claim from his website than I did from my former attorney. I knew every step along the way what to expect and felt totally prepared through the entire process. If you want great customer service and to be treated fairly and honestly, I suggest you call David Brauns.

- D. Campbell

Step-By-Step Legal Advice And Guidance Through The Whole Process

David Brauns helped me from day one of my accident. He gave me step-by-step legal advice and guided me through the whole experience. David consistently keeps in contact with you and you’re never left not knowing what’s going on.

- Pierre B.

I Always Received A Response In A Relatively Timely Manner.

I loved the one-to-one customer/client focus. Your calls are not routed to a receptionist or a paralegal, which I really loved! Whenever I called, I either spoke directly to Attorney Brauns, left a voicemail message, or emailed his office with a question and or concern and I always received a response in a relatively, timely manner.

- Erika P.

I Was Appreciative Of That Level Of Service, Rather Than An Attorney That Focuses Exclusively On The Settlement.

I was very satisfied. Especially pleased with your handling of the insurance work on the medical side. That can be an area where insurance companies can take advantage of accident victims. I was appreciative of that level of service, rather than an attorney that focuses exclusively on the settlement.

- Michael E.

David Gave Me Available Options For My Case So I Could Make The Best Decision For Me.

David is very knowledgeable and I felt like we worked together as a team. He gave me available options for my case along with the pros and cons so that I could make the best decision for me. Would call David again if I find myself in need of legal counsel.

- Candace D.

Client Impressed By David Brauns’s Communication And Follow-Through

Considering I had never met [him] in person I had a great deal of confidence in David’s abilities to get the job done. He listened to the facts,and followed-up by checking all of the evidence. He kept me informed on the progress of the case. He checked with the doctors, and compiled all of the information needed to win the case. He crossed all T’s and dotted all I’s. I am very happy with my settlement. Again thank you in advance for your service.

- Eva W.

A Law Firm Beyond Reproach

Brauns Law, PC’s service, professionalism, and courtesy are beyond reproach. I was consistently informed with details about my case. David’s team is very knowledgeable and detail-oriented, which made the difference in my case.

- William H.

He And His Staff Are Very Thorough And Competent

David did exactly what we set out to do. He cared about my treatment and did not push or rush the process. He’s very thorough as well as his very competent staff. They are a good team.

- Charles H.
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