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What’s ClaimClinic?

ClaimClinic is an informational system that provides people injured in car accidents with an easy and effective way to learn how to open, investigate, document, evaluate and negotiate an injury claim with an insurance company without using a lawyer. This entire program was written by Brauns Law’s founding attorney David Brauns. It is based on the way our firm handles claims for clients.

Disclaimer: Nothing in ClaimClinic is legal advice. It is telling you how, administratively, to handle a claim. You should consult with a car accident lawyer in your state for all legal questions or issues.

How ClaimClinic Helps You

Learn How Claims Are Valued

Know how the process works and what insurance companies need to value your claim. You don’t have to do this by relying on what adjusters tell you. They aren’t there to help you get the most out of your claim.

Negotiate From A Position of Strength

By knowing what about your claim is strong and weak and why, and having scripts and worksheets to interact with adjusters, you are empowered to negotiate your claim to its maximum value. Your Demand Package sets the high number. The adjuster’s first offer sets the low number. Learn to move the adjuster up towards your demand amount.

Stand With Confidence And Authority

Adjusters think they can pull fast ones on claimants without lawyers and try to offer much less than a claim is worth. Techniques taught in ClaimClinic shows the adjuster early on that you are different from most do-it-yourself claimants. You will get the respect (and higher offers) normally only given to attorneys.

Learn What To Do & What Not To Do

Learning how to pro-actively manage your claim and its evidence enables you to avoid some of the value lowering pitfalls that can plague inexperienced claimants. There are things you must do and say early on to position your claim properly.

Get Organized

Staying organized keeps your claim moving forward and shows the adjuster you know what you are doing. Properly documenting your claim involves knowing what documents to obtain, how to obtain them, and how to analyze and present them to the adjuster. ClaimClinic gives you a proven notebook system for organizing and working with your claim’s evidence.

Draft Professional Demand Letters

A Demand Letter is the single most important part of handling your claim. Adjusters rely on it to come up with settlement offers. Learn how to dissect and analyze your claim’s evidence and package it into a compelling Demand Package.

Everything You Need To Handle Your Own Claim

Investigation Techniques

The Documenting and Investigating module is one of ClaimClinic’s largest. Learn everything from how to effectively photograph damage to your car to getting documents and other photographs that many people don’t even know exist (and can change the value of your case).

Notebook System

Staying organized is half the battle. ClaimClinic’s detailed notebook system helps you manage a claim’s documents and keeps the claim moving forward towards settlement.

Claim Worth Materials

What’s my claim worth?. That’s the question on every claimant’s mind and that causes anxiety when trying to evaluate whether an adjuster’s offer is fair and reasonable. ClaimClinic provides you with an entire module on all the factors that drive a personal injury claim’s value and why. You will understand your claim’s value such that you can negotiate confidently with adjusters.

Demand Package

ClaimClinic takes you step-by-step through how to prepare a compelling Demand Package to spoon feed the adjuster your claim’s data needed for claims software to generate higher offer ranges.

Forms & Checklists

Learn and have access to the same forms used by personal injury attorneys. ClaimClinic gives you checklists, worksheets, form letters, and much more so that you can effectively work with your claim and look professional while doing it.

Award Winning Power and Experience