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What do you do after a car accident in Lawrenceville? Most people say they would call their insurance company and start a claim. But what happens if you are too injured to burden yourself with all that paperwork? And what if your case is complex and involves significant damages? We want Lawrenceville residents to rest easier knowing that if they are ever in a serious auto accident, they have a dedicated local law firm to support their claim and fight for their rights. Contact our Lawrenceville, Georgia Personal Injury Lawyers today.

About Brauns Law, P.C. Lawrenceville, GA

Attorney David Brauns founded Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm in 2008, and we pride ourselves on putting the rights of accident victims first. Because we’re a small firm, we can focus on what matters most: you, your unique experience, and your legal rights. Mr. Brauns’ impressive record of recovering millions of dollars for accident victims speaks for itself—and it speaks volumes. At Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm, your case will never become just a number on a file. Your case matters, and our legal team is committed to applying our considerable experience, fortitude, and resources to obtaining the most favorable resolution for our clients.

At Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm, our work focuses solely on personal injury and wrongful death cases because we are motivated to help those harmed by the negligence of others. Formerly, Mr. Brauns worked as an insurance company defense attorney, and he learned the ins and outs of insurance company’s tactics and where he solidified his commitment to going a different route and championing the injured parties involved. This significant experience informs every case that we take on—providing us with insight into the insurance company’s maneuvers and allowing us to provide our clients with the advantage borne of insider knowledge and an unwavering commitment to do what’s right by our clients.

About Lawrenceville, GA

Lawrenceville is the county seat of Duluth Georgia and the second oldest city in metro Atlanta. With a population of nearly 30,000 reported in 2013, Lawrenceville is moderately large Georgia city. Residents have an average age of 34.9, slightly below the state average.

Many Lawrenceville residents are employed in sales-related jobs, with construction and material moving jobs also popular occupations. Many residents commute to and from the Atlanta metro area for work, which in turn increases the traffic on the local highways.

Commuting, coupled with a bustling retail trade and construction industry, can take its toll on our highways. With so much transit, accidents and congestion are a common occurrence on any given day.

Common Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Personal injury law focuses on many kinds of accidents, including:

Lawrenceville Car Accidents

Car accidents happen at an alarming rate and can cause serious injuries. If another motorist leaves you injured in a Lawrenceville car accident, you could face extensive physical, financial, and emotional damages.

Lawrenceville Truck Accidents

Because of the immense size differential between semis and the cars we drive, truck accidents are among the most dangerous accidents on our roadways—and the occupants of the smaller vehicle involved are far more vulnerable to serious injuries in these accidents. While the trucking industry and truck drivers themselves must comply with strict rules and regulations related to safety—including precise hours-of-service restrictions—these entities are not always above running their trucks outside of the bounds of safety to keep up with demand and to ensure increased profits.

Lawrenceville Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists regularly find themselves in traffic with much larger and heavier vehicles, and because they are so much smaller and more difficult to see on the road, they are far more vulnerable to dangerous accidents that cause serious injuries. The fact is, however, that motorcyclists have just as much right to ride as any other motorist does, and every driver is responsible for sharing the road safely with others. This includes looking for and seeing motorcyclists in our midst and making the necessary safety accommodations.

Lawrenceville Bike Accidents

Bicyclists have little to nothing to protect them from the impact of an accident other than their safety helmets—and the protection helmets offer is limited. Further, many motorists view bikes in their midst as nothing more than nuisances and fail to adjust their driving to accommodate for their safety.

Lawrenceville Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable parties in every traffic accident in which they’re involved. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable to distracted drivers who simply fail to pay adequate attention to the road ahead and whether someone is crossing the street.

Lawrenceville Slip and Falls

Not all accidents occur due to traffic, and some accidents happen when you are simply going about your daily life. When you are grocery shopping or running errands, you might suddenly encounter a Lawrenceville slip and fall accident. Slip and falls happen regularly, and they can result in surprisingly serious injuries. Property and business owners should be liable for slip and falls that occur due to their negligence.

Lawrenceville Medical Malpractice

We trust doctors to make proper decisions when it comes to diagnosing and treating medical conditions. Like anyone else, doctors make mistakes, and the law does not hold them liable for every mistake they make. However, sometimes, a medical error will rise to the level of medical negligence, which can cause serious and preventable complications and injuries for patients. Patients who suffer injuries due to medical negligence can file claims for medical malpractice. Such claims might stem from misdiagnosis, delay of treated, medication errors, surgical errors, birth injuries, and more.

Lawrenceville Nursing Home Abuse

When we select a nursing home for a loved one, we expect that facility to provide proper care. However, many nursing home residents experience neglect or even intentional abuse, which can both lead to preventable harm. Nursing home neglect and abuse take many forms, and the losses that result can be financial, physical, and emotional. If you believe that a loved one was a victim of nursing home abuse, you should make sure they are safe from further harm, and then contact a personal injury law firm right away.

Lawrenceville Dog Bites

Many people love dogs and have them as part of their households. Even if a dog seems friendly, they are still animals who can react to different people and situations in unpredictable ways. In a lawrenceville dog bite accident and causes injuries, you can incur losses from medical bills, disfigurement, mental trauma, and more. You might have the right to hold the dog owner liable for your losses.

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Injuries Common in Personal Injury Cases

Every personal injury claim is unique and depends on its own set of circumstances, but we often see certain kinds of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones – A broken bone is a painful injury that requires medical treatment and possible surgery to heal properly. Further, when a broken bone doesn’t heal appropriately, it can lead to chronic pain and even to a permanent disability. No one should overlook the seriousness of a broken bone.
  • Lawrenceville Personal Injury LawyerTraumatic brain injuriesLawrenceville Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen due to trauma to the head or by the violent shaking of the head (both of which are common to every manner of traffic accident). Because these injuries affect the brain, they are as unpredictable as they are serious. Several types of impairments can result from TBIs, including cognitive difficulties and physical disabilities. This type of injury commonly keeps victims out of work, school, and regular activities for a period of time, if not permanently.
  • Broken bones – A broken bone is a painful injury that requires medical treatment and possible surgery to heal properly. Further, when a broken bone doesn’t heal appropriately, it can lead to chronic pain and even to a permanent disability. No one should overlook the seriousness of a broken bone.Traumatic brain injuries – Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) happen due to trauma to the head or by the violent shaking of the head (both of which are common to every manner of traffic accident). Because these injuries affect the brain, they are as unpredictable as they are serious. Several types of impairments can result from TBIs, including cognitive difficulties and physical disabilities. This type of injury commonly keeps victims out of work, school, and regular activities for a period of time, if not permanently.
  • Spinal cord injuriesLawrenceville Spinal cord injuries can happen anywhere on the spine and are generally caused by a significant force to the head, neck, back, or shoulders, such as victims of traffic accidents often endure. These injuries tend to seriously limit the sufferer’s range of motion in the affected area. When the injury affects the spinal cord’s entire width, it causes permanent paralysis and forever alters the course of the victim’s life. This is not to mention the fact that paralysis tends to lead to serious secondary health concerns.
  • Serious burns – Severe burns can result from fires, but they can also happen in a variety of other accidents. Serious burns are among the most painful injuries one can endure, and they often lead to serious complications, including life-threatening infections. Further, when a burn is on or near the face, it can be permanently disfiguring.

These are far from the only types of injuries that can lead to a personal injury claim. If your injuries resulted in medical bills or other losses, you deserve compensation from liable parties. Never think your injury is too minor or severe for a consultation with our legal team. Case evaluations are always free with no obligation, so you have nothing to lose by giving us a call. We will be honest and straightforward about your rights and whether we can help with an injury claim.

Lawrenceville, Georgia Injury & Legal Resources

If you are seriously injured in an auto accident in the Lawrenceville area, it is likely that you were taken to the Gwinnett Medical Center at 1000 Medical Center Blvd., Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

The Lawrenceville Police Department is located at 300 Jackson Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30046. In order to obtain a police report for your auto accident, you may request a copy in-person by going to their office. It is best to first contact the records department at 770-962-4173 to ensure your report is ready. Alternatively, you can buy and download your accident report online using This will cost you anywhere from $6 to $10, but you can download the accident report as a PDF right then and there.

Some auto accidents will require that you contact the Georgia Department of Driver Services which is located at 310 Hurricane Shoals Road NE, Lawrenceville, GA 30046 and can be reached at 770-995-6855. The Gwinnett Courts is located at 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, GA 30046.

Lawrenceville Personal Injury Lawyer FAQ

Lawrenceville Personal Injury LawyerWhen drivers, property owners, and other individuals behave unreasonably and negligently, they can cause accidents that severely injure other people. Individuals who suffer personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence may be eligible to pursue monetary compensation from the at-fault party by filing a personal injury claim or a lawsuit in the court system.

If another person’s negligence caused an accident that injured you or someone you love, such as a slip and fall or car accident, the experienced team of Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you with pursuing the monetary compensation you deserve for your injuries. What follows are answers to many common questions accident victims have about personal injury claims and lawsuits in the Lawrenceville area.

What are common Lawrenceville personal injury accidents?

When someone else’s negligence leads to an accident that injures another party, these injuries are compensable via a personal injury claim.

Some common types of accidents that may lead to personal injury claims include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Motor vehicle collisions – When a person operates their vehicle in a negligent manner, such as by speeding, engaging in distracted driving, or otherwise failing to obey the rules of the road, a serious accident can occur that results in one or more personal injuries. Soft tissue neck and back injuries are especially common in motor vehicle collisions, due to the forceful back-and-forth movement that a vehicle occupant’s body experiences during a car crash. If this sounds like something you or a loved one is currently dealing with then contact our skilled team of Lawrenceville car accident lawyers, or  Lawrenceville truck accident lawyers.
  • Slip and fall accidents – A property owner is responsible for maintaining their properties to ensure it is safe for visitors. The property must be in a reasonably safe condition for the benefit of business invitees and social guests, for example. If a defect or another dangerous condition exists on the property, the property owner is responsible for making repairs within a reasonable amount of time or alerting others of the hazardous condition.
  • Bicycle and motorcycle accidents – Bicycles and motorcycles are no match for a car or truck. in a Lawrenceville bicycle accident or Lawrenceville motorcycle accident, the rider can fall off the bike and impact the ground directly. The bike or motorcycle operator can suffer severe injuries as a result.
  • Medical malpractice – When a doctor commits medical negligence or misconduct, such as failing to act in the reasonable manner expected of a healthcare professional in a specific set of circumstances, the patient may file a claim or lawsuit against the doctor or the treating facility.
  • Pedestrian accidents – Pedestrians have the right-of-way at crosswalks and other designated pedestrian areas. However, if a driver is distracted and injures a pedestrian who has the right-of-way, the pedestrian may place a claim against the negligent motor vehicle operator.
  • Defective products – Product manufacturers owe consumers a duty of care to correctly and safely design, manufacture, and test their products. When a product malfunctions, explodes, or does not operate the way it’s supposed to work when being used properly, the person using it may bring a claim or file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or someone else in the chain of distribution.
  • Negligent security claims – Businesses are supposed to ensure that their premises are safe and secure at all times for the benefit of their consumers. When an accident or crime occurs on the business premises due to a lack of appropriate safety measures and/or security personnel, the injured victim may file a claim or lawsuit for negligent security.

The experienced Lawrenceville personal injury attorneys at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you in filing a personal injury claim if you are the victim of these types of accidents.

What types of injuries are compensable?

If you sustain injuries in an accident that was not your fault, your injuries are compensable as part of a Lawrenceville personal injury claim. Generally speaking, the more serious the accident you were involved in, the more serious the injuries you may suffer.

Some of the most common injuries that form the basis for personal injury claims include the following:

If an accident caused by another person injured you, the experienced Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm might file a legal claim on your behalf and assist you with pursuing the monetary compensation you need. If your loved one has died due to an accident someone else caused, our team can also help you with filing a wrongful death claim against the at-fault person or persons.

What does it mean to file a personal injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company?

Personal injury claims filed with an at-fault party’s insurance company usually begin when the injured accident victim’s attorney makes a settlement demand. Depending upon the policy limits of coverage, the accident victim’s attorney may demand policy limits to settle the claim, even if it is unlikely that the insurance company would be willing to take such a step.

A demand letter prepared by the victim’s personal injury lawyer may reference monetary demands. The demand letter typically includes all of the accident victim’s medical and physical therapy records, surgical reports, and imaging studies (including X-rays and MRIs). These documents allow the insurance company’s adjuster to review all of the material to get a sense of the victim’s medical treatment as a result of their injuries, as well as the cost of that treatment.

In addition to the medical records and bills, the accident victim’s attorney will include lost wage documentation in the demand package if the accident victim has missed work due to injuries. This documentation may consist of copies of lost wage slips, salary verifications, and medical documents in which a healthcare provider authorized an accident victim to take time off from work.

The demand package in motor vehicle accident cases may include a police report or incident report. They typically include a diagram of the accident scene indicating where the collision occurred, an officer’s professional opinion on which party or parties caused the accident, whether or not a police officer issued a traffic citation to one of the involved parties, and the names and addresses of all of the involved drivers and passengers.

The demand package should also include any available photographs that relate to the accident. Often, the types of pictures that may be helpful depend on the nature of the accident and its occurrence. In motor vehicle accidents, for example, photographs of the collision scene, property damage to the involved vehicles, and the accident victim’s injuries soon after the accident are essential to back up a claim. Demand package photographs for slip-and-fall accidents often display a property defect, such as a spill on the floor or a leaky roof, that provide proof of fault on the part of the property owner or operator.

Finally, demand packages can include a written victim impact statement. In a victim impact statement, the accident victim typically describes how the accident occurred, what they experienced during and after the accident, a comparison of the accident victim’s life before and after the accident, and the further impact that the accident has had on the victim’s life.

The Lawrenceville personal injury attorneys at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you with filing a personal injury claim with the at-fault person or entity’s insurance company. Additionally, the team can negotiate further on your behalf, to obtain a favorable settlement offer in your case. If the insurance company refuses to offer you the fair compensation that you deserve, our legal team can help you litigate your personal injury case through the state court system.

What is a personal injury lawsuit, and when should I file one?

In the event the at-fault person’s insurance company refuses to adequately compensate you for the personal injuries sustained in the accident, there is always the option of filing a lawsuit in the state court system. It is crucial to keep in mind that just because you file a lawsuit, doing so does not necessarily mean that your case will proceed all the way to a jury trial. In many instances, in fact, the attorneys on both sides of a personal injury dispute will keep settlement negotiations going even after the accident victim or the accident victim’s attorney has filed a lawsuit against the at-fault individual.

A personal injury lawsuit filed in state court officially begins the litigation process. Once a lawsuit is filed and the defendant, most often the individual or entity who was at-fault for the accident, receives and accepts service of process, the defendant’s insurance company will appoint a lawyer. Both parties will then engage in oral and written discovery. The primary purpose of the discovery process is for each side of the dispute to gather more factual information concerning the case, including how the accident occurred, the specific issues that are genuinely in dispute, and the total amount of damages claimed.

If the case does not settle during litigation, the parties will try the personal injury case in front of a jury in state court. After the trial, the jury will resolve the disputed issues in the case, usually liability and/or damages, and reach a verdict.

Some personal injury cases are not resolved in court, but rather by alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration. During these processes, a neutral third-party mediator or arbitrator steps in to assist the parties with resolving the personal injury case in a less-adversarial process than a jury trial offers.

The experienced Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm will lay out all of your litigation options and help you decide on the best course of action that suits your needs and the needs of your personal injury case.

How do I recover monetary compensation and damages in a personal injury claim or lawsuit?

Personal Injury lawyer

David Brauns, Lawrenceville Personal injury Accident Lawyer

In a Lawrenceville personal injury case, you recover monetary compensation by first filing a claim or lawsuit. You then resolve the claim or suit in a manner that is listed above: a personal injury settlement, jury verdict, or alternative dispute resolution proceedings, such as mediation or arbitration.

The damage types and related amounts for which you might recover compensation in a personal injury case depend upon the nature and extent of the injuries you sustained in your accident, the severity of the accident, the degree of medical care and treatment you underwent as a result of the accident, the existence of any personal injury that may cause you to experience lifelong pain and suffering, and the likelihood that you will have to undergo one or more medical procedures in the future, such as surgery.

Personal injury accident victims may be eligible to pursue and recover monetary compensation for all of their medical bills, past and future lost earnings, inconvenience, pain and suffering, mental distress and anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of spousal care and companionship, loss of family support, and loss of use of a body part. To be eligible to recover a certain amount or type of monetary damages, the accident victim must show that the accident was the source of the injuries and damages they are claiming.

Contact a Lawrenceville personal injury attorney to discuss your case and receive guidance on getting the just and fair compensation you deserve.

What does it mean to file a Lawrenceville personal injury claim?

If you have suffered one or more personal injuries in an accident that someone else caused, your first step on the road to recovering monetary compensation is to file a personal injury claim. In most instances, a personal injury claim names the at-fault person or entity’s insurance company. If you were part of a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident, or if the driver who hit your vehicle was uninsured, then you can file an uninsured motorist claim against your own motor vehicle insurance policy.

As part of the claims-filing process, the accident victim’s lawyer will prepare a demand package and send it to the insurance company for the other side. The demand package typically includes a settlement demand letter, copies of all of the accident victim’s treating medical records and bills (including medical reports detailing any performed procedures, such as injections or surgeries).

The demand package can also include copies of other pertinent pieces of documentation, including lost wage documentation from the accident victim’s employer, a copy of the police report, photographs of the property damage sustained to the accident victim’s vehicle, and photographs of the accident victim’s injuries.

The settlement demand letter that accompanies the demand package will make a monetary demand for settlement. In some serious personal injury accident cases, the initial settlement demand could be the full limits of the insurance policy that was in place at the time of the accident.

Upon receipt, the insurance company adjuster will review the settlement demand letter and all of the supporting documentation. They will then make an opening settlement offer on the personal injury case. In many instances, these opening settlement offers are extremely low and do not fully and fairly compensate accident victims for the personal injuries that they suffered in their accidents.

One reason why these initial offers are so low is that the insurance company “cuts” specific medical bills or lost wages, claiming that they are unrelated to the accident.

In the case of personal injuries and medical treatment, the insurance company can opine that certain injuries were pre-existing and not related to the accident, certain medical treatment was unnecessary, or that the accident victim “over-treated” for their injuries.

Another reason for these initial lowball settlement offers is to see if the accident victim will “bite” and settle their case for a low number. After all, the primary goal of the insurance company is to save itself as much money as possible, and the insurance company does this by paying out as little monetary compensation as possible when settling personal injury cases.

If the insurance company is unwilling to make you a favorable offer on your personal injury case, you have legal options open to you. Specifically, at that juncture, you or your lawyer can file a lawsuit in the Georgia court system.

Just by filing a lawsuit, you can light a fire under the insurance company’s feet, so to speak, and incentivize offering you a more favorable settlement. If not, the experienced Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you with litigating your case to a conclusion in the courts.

What is the deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Lawrenceville?

Lawrenceville Personal Injury LawyerIf you have suffered personal injuries in an accident that was not your fault, your attorney can file a lawsuit in the court system on your behalf. When it comes to filing lawsuits, however, there are strict time limits that apply. In most personal injury cases, accident victims have two years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit arising out of their injuries.

If no suit is forthcoming within that two-year deadline (absent some extremely limited circumstances, like being underage or suffering from a disability), the accident victim waives their claim for monetary compensation and damages in the personal injury case.

These strict time limitations are one of the main reasons to have an experienced personal injury lawyer representing you in your case. The knowledgeable team of Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can make sure that your lawsuit is filed well within the statutory period, putting you on your way to pursuing monetary compensation for your personal injuries and damages.

What do I need to prove in a Lawrenceville personal injury case?

In a Lawrenceville personal injury case, the accident victim, also known as the plaintiff, has the legal burden of proof. The individual or entity that the plaintiff is suing, also known as the defendant, does not need to prove anything in the case.

Specifically, the plaintiff must meet their burden of proof by a standard known as the ‘preponderance of the evidence’ standard, meaning the accident victim must demonstrate that it is more likely than not that the defendant was negligent and that the accident victim suffered injuries as a direct and proximate result of the defendant’s negligence.

Specifically, the accident victim must prove the following legal elements by a preponderance of the evidence:

  • Duty element – First and foremost, you must demonstrate that the person or entity that was responsible for your accident owed you a duty of care. For example, motor vehicle operators owe all other drivers and pedestrians on or near the road a responsibility to operate their vehicles in a reasonable, prudent, safe, and careful manner at all times. Premises owners usually have a duty to ensure that their premises are kept free from hazards and defects, and that they repair or warn about all known hazards and defects that would not be readily apparent to a visitor upon a reasonable inspection. Product manufacturers and distributors have a duty to carefully manufacture, design, and test their products before making them available to the public for purchase.
  • Breach element – In a personal injury case, the accident victim must demonstrate that the responsible person or entity violated the applicable duty of care and engaged in unreasonable behavior under the circumstances. For example, in a motor vehicle accident case, the at-fault driver could have been speeding or violating some other traffic law, or a premises owner failed to clean up a floor spill in a reasonable amount of time, resulting in a slip-and-fall accident. When a person or entity violates a statute that is on the books, that violation alone can be sufficient to establish a breach of the applicable duty of care in a civil personal injury case.
  • Causation element – The accident victim must demonstrate that the accident (and subsequent injuries) would not have occurred without the responsible person or entity’s carelessness or negligence. The accident victim must also show that the accident was a foreseeable consequence of the at-fault party’s negligence.
  • Damages element – Finally, the accident victim in a personal injury case must demonstrate that they suffered at least one personal injury and that the injury or injuries sustained actually resulted from the accident.

The experienced Lawrenceville personal injury lawyer at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you with satisfying all of the legal elements of your personal injury claim or lawsuit, putting you in a position to pursue and recover monetary damages in your case.

What does it mean to litigate my Lawrenceville personal injury case?

Lawrenceville Personal Injury LawyerA person can choose to litigate a Lawrenceville personal injury case if the at-fault person’s insurance company is unwilling to offer them a fair and reasonable amount to settle the case. At other times, an accident victim can file a lawsuit in their case to protect the applicable two-year statute of limitations.

Whatever the reason, just because your attorney files a complaint in the Georgia state court system does not necessarily mean that your personal injury legal action will go all the way to trial. In fact, a majority of Lawrenceville personal injury cases settle well before the trial date. Filing a complaint in the court system simply gets the ball rolling.

Once the at-fault party receives a process and an attorney enters an appearance on their behalf, the discovery process will likely begin. During this part of the personal injury case, each side will answer written questions, called interrogatories. Moreover, the defense attorney can take the accident victim’s deposition. During a deposition, the defense lawyer asks accident victim questions about how the accident occurred, the injuries they suffered in the accident, and the permanent impacts of any physical injuries sustained.

During personal injury litigation, there is usually at least one pre-trial or settlement conference in the case. During a settlement conference, both sides will meet and attempt to work out a resolution to the personal injury case by way of a settlement. The same type of process occurs in mediation if the parties choose to go that route.

If the case does not settle at mediation or a settlement conference, the court will usually set a trial date. At a jury trial, the accident victim will have an opportunity to tell their side of the story, including the impact that the accident and injuries had on their life. It will then be up to the jury to decide what, if any, monetary compensation to award the accident victim.

Litigating your personal injury case through the Georgia court system can be a long and tedious process. The knowledgeable team of Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you throughout the litigation process and work to bring your case to an efficient and favorable conclusion.

What types of damages are recoverable in my Lawrenceville personal injury case?

If you sustained injuries due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you could be wondering what type of monetary compensation you are entitled to recover. The extent of your monetary compensation depends largely upon the types of injuries that you suffered in your accident.

For example, a soft tissue contusion, sprain, or strain is likely going to be less compensable from a monetary standpoint than a severe fracture that you suffered in an accident. Moreover, if you suffered permanent injuries and damages, you are entitled to additional monetary compensation.

Personal injury accident victims can pursue monetary compensation for all of their related medical bills, lost wages, inconvenience, pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of use of a body part, missed life enjoyment, and loss of spousal companionship and support, among other damages.

Lawrenceville Personal Injury LawyerThe experienced Lawrenceville personal injury attorneys at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf and pursue the monetary compensation and damages that you need and deserve to recover.

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