An Attorney with an Engineer’s Mind

I did not start my professional life as an attorney, but rather as a software engineer. Even though I am an attorney now, I still tend to think like an engineer. I am process and quality driven. I am a Type-A person who will research something to death before making a decision. Coupled with my insurance company experience, this gives my clients an advantage when settling their claims.

Drawing upon my education and experience as a software engineer, I use technology to keep the office running as smoothly as possible. These innovative practices include:
Brauns_Law_AP Final
Practice Management Software:

Used to manage all personal injury cases in an efficient and accurate way. This includes calendaring deadlines, case contacts, and managing all the documents and data about each client’s case.

Standard Operating Procedure Manual:

I document everything in this manual so the Brauns Law, PC staff knows exactly how to do things and nothing is left to chance. This includes everything down to the fonts and margins of documents.

Virtual Case Files:

Every document in your case goes into a virtual case file, which allows us to have your entire case readily available wherever we are. This system also allows us to send clients copies of everything we do and provide instant updates on case progress.