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Case Results

The Experience And Strength To Get Things Done

When you choose a lawyer, you’re basically putting your future in his (hopefully) capable hands. But what if he winds up being all talk and no action? In order for you to be 100% comfortable in the abilities of David Brauns, we provide extensive public case results so you can see firsthand that he just doesn’t claim that he has experience, he can prove that he has the strength to get cases successfully settled. Come see for yourself.

IMPORTANT: Each case is different. What we achieved in someone else’s case doesn’t mean we’ll get that for you. In fact, a lawyer cannot ethically guarantee a particular result. However, we do have significant experience in evaluating cases.

Woman Rear-Ended by Ambulance Wins 3.5 Million Verdict

Our client didn’t have to wait very long for an ambulance. That’s because she was rear-ended by the very same ambulance that she had just stopped for in response to it’s lights and sirens. Continue reading

Young Man Rear-Ended at Stoplight and Unable to Work

We were able to obtain a $381,000 settlement for J.J., which allowed him to pick back up his life and buy a new car. He returned home to the midwest and used the rest of his settlement money to start a real estate business. Nothing makes us happier than to see clients take their settlement and leverage up for a better life! Continue reading

Tractor Trailer Wreck Re-Injures Woman’s Knee

Our client was sideswiped by a tractor trailer while turning onto the interstate. She had four knee surgeries prior to the wreck, and had to undergo yet another surgery afterwards. We were able to obtain a settlement of $180,000 despite her prior injuries to that same knee. Continue reading

Husband & Wife Rear-Ended Get Large Settlement

Husband and wife were rear-ended and required injections to get better. David Brauns handled their case and they received a $230,000 settlement for their injuries. Continue reading

Passenger Injured in Rear-Ended Truck Accident

Client was rear-ended while a passenger in a pickup truck. The impact caused an old back injury to flare up. Client only had $16,829 in medical expenses but we were able to prove a new injury above his old back surgery site. Continue reading

Award Winning Power and Experience