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Car Damage? Find Out What Everyone Should Know Before Talking To The Adjuster Or Signing Any Forms

Your Ultimate Guide for Dealing with a Wrecked CarIf you have recently been in a car accident in Georgia and your car was damaged, you’re going to quickly discover:

  • Your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company are telling you different things about who should repair your car. Hint: In Georgia you may have the option of using either of them.
  • The insurance adjusters are using words and terms that you don’t understand.
  • The things the adjusters are telling you about your car if it is a total loss just don’t seem fair.

In this free e-book, written by Atlanta car accident attorney specifically for people dealing with damage to their car, you’ll learn:

  • Whether you should use your collision coverage or the other driver’s. There are pro’s and con’s to each.
  • What kinds of personal property besides your car can be paid for.
  • How car repairs work and what your rights are in picking the body shop and parts.
  • How payments for repairs work.
  • All about rental cars.
  • How to get a better offer if your car is totalled out.
  • The “secret” claim insurers don’t want you to know about that may put more money in your pocket after your car is repaired.
  • And lots more.

All of this information is absolutely free if you have been in a car accident in Georgia.

Since being in a car accident, you have likely been bombarded with advice from neighbors, friends, and family. We created this book to empower you with the best and most necessary information for handling your car’s damage in a stress-free way.

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