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Bonus Tip

There is just some information that we think every accident claimant should be entitled to. For example, you need to know how claim departments work so that you can understand the process from a high level. So we are going to open up the first 6 modules of the ClaimClinic for you. You are now free to click and read through the following modules:

  1. Claims Process Overview
  2. Insurance Companies
  3. Property Damage Claims
  4. Determining Fault
  5. Understanding Insurance
  6. Getting Your Claim Started

There are a couple of caveats. A lot of these modules have hyperlinks to other areas of the ClaimClinic that continue to be for members only. If you try to follow a link to a members only area, you will get a members only message and be directed to join ClaimClinic. Second, many modules contain references and links to worksheets and forms. These too are for members only. So, you will get the same message if you try to access them.

Click here to go to the ClaimClinic’s front page.

The Good Stuff

In case you haven’t already figured it out, the Modules that directly affect how much money you can get for your claim remain for members only.  Each remaining module lays out the ClaimClinic system for getting adjusters all the relevant evidence in your claim in a powerful and persuasive Demand Package.

Documenting Your Claim

This module gives you the knowledge and tools to get at every piece of evidence that can effect the value of your claim. You will set yourself apart from most DIY claimants, and the adjuster will gain additional respect, if you follow through on these tasks. We also give you the Claim Binder System to stay organized and keep all your claim’s information at your finger tips.

Medical Treatment

You learned in one of your free tips how important medical records are to your claim’s value. This module walks you through getting and analyzing your medical records. In the Analyzing Medical Records topic, you will use worksheets to go through your records and identify every value driver of your claim. Later on when you go to write your Demand, you will systematically pull information from the Medical Record Dissection Worksheets to put into your Demand Letter.

Claim Worth

In this module ClaimClinic walks you through a detailed analysis of how to estimate your claim’s value. You will learn all the pro’s and con’s of your claim – the same pro’s and con’s adjusters use in their analysis.

Demand Letters

Your claim’s settlement value comes down to one document – the Demand Letter. ClaimClinic has the most robust methodology for drafting and submitting your Demand. Unlike other sites that give you a vague form and a couple of paragraphs on how to write one, ClaimClinic takes you through the Demand section-by-section, pulling in all the evidence you have collected and identified.


The last major module affecting your claim’s value is Negotiations. Your offer will be the high number. The adjuster’s first offer is the low number. This module teaches you how to move the adjuster towards your number – to the fair and reasonable value you think your claim is worth.

If We Have Earned Your Business

Once you have read through the open ClaimClinic modules and concluded that ClaimClinic’s value more then justifies its price you can join the ClaimClinic by clicking on the JOIN NOW menu item on the very top menu bar or on the main green menu bar. Or, you can join right now by clicking the button to the right.

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