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You Can Do It!

The Process is Predictable

The claims process is straight forward in a majority of personal injury claims. It is all about investigating, documenting, presenting, and negotiating your claim. The adjusters handling claims are not attorneys. They just know how to document and assess the information provided by claimants. ClaimClinic not only teaches you about adjusters from their perspective, but also how to provide them with the information in such a way to maximize your settlement.

Claim Value is Learn-able

Almost all of the insurance companies now use software to analyze claims and give adjusters a range of settlement values to offer you. Many times the offer will not change whether you have an attorney or not. The key is organizing and presenting the information. ClaimClinic teaches you these things as well as how to figure out your claim’s value range and how to negotiate up and into that range.

When You May Need An Attorney

You can often handle your own claim.  ClaimClinic is developed to help you handle your claim in a majority of cases.  But, there are times when ClaimClinic may not be right for you.

Statute of Limitations

Each State has a deadline for filing lawsuits. You don’t want to handle your own claim if your are close to the deadline because you won’t leave yourself enough time for a lawyer to get your case filed if your negotiations are not successful.

Legal Defenses

Insurance companies usually admit liability, meaning they accept fault and agree to pay for your claim. But sometimes an adjuster will give you a legal reason for denying your claim outright. You will need a lawyer if this occurs because you need someone who knows the law in your State.

Permanent & Serious Injuries

Insurance statistics show a majority of small personal injury claims do not benefit financially from involving a lawyer. BUT, data and experience shows that attorneys do earn their fee (by getting you more net settlement despite their fee) if your claim involves permanent or serious injuries. These types of injuries require expert evidence among other things. Such claims include where injuries last longer than a year or that permanently affect your physical abilities or your appearance.

Negotiations Fail

If you are unable to settle your own claim, the only option you have is to file a lawsuit. You should retain a lawyer at this point and not try to represent yourself in Court. If you use ClaimClinic and settlement negotiations fail, you will be in a position to identify a qualified lawyer and ask for a discount on their fee for having done all the pre-lawsuit work.

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