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You Need to Talk to Us Before a Doctor

You were already in an accident. Don’t pick your doctor by accident too.

Demand Great Outcomes

We have seen 100’s of clients use 100’s of different doctors and know which ones get our accident clients better the fastest.

Demand Great Documentation

Your medical records are the single most important piece of evidence in determining your accident claim’s value. Not all doctors document your claim the right way. We know who does.

Demand Great Service

You are already under enough stress from your injuries. We know the doctors who deliver the best customer service and can accommodate your schedule and demands.

Doctors Help You, But You Need to Know the Right Ones!

Call Us First For A Free Consultation. We’ll Get You The Advice You Need Before You See A Doctor.

We do more for YOU, starting with getting you to top notch doctor who can help you and your claim.

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Medical Care With No $ Out of Pocket
When you work with our firm, we can get doctors to treat you without health insurance or having to pay money out of pocket.

Getting Chiropractors Information
Doctors handling an accident injury patient will demand certain information including insurance coverages. We take care of getting them everything they need so your don’t have to worry about making calls or getting documents.

Specialists Referrals
If you or your doctor thinks you need to get to a specialist or an MRI, we coordinate getting you the treatment with or without health insurance.

Coordinating Appointments
Our case managers will get your doctor appointments scheduled or changed. You have enough going on with focusing on getting your life back.


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