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You Were Already In An Accident. Don’t Pick Your Chiropractor by Accident Too

Don't Pick Your Chiropractor by Accident, Helpful guide by Brauns LawDon't Pick Your Chiropractor by Accident, Helpful guide by Brauns LawChiropractors can be some of the best medical providers to treat your injuries after a car accident. But, you need to know how to pick the right one. Some chiropractors are better suited for health and wellness type patients while others understand the trauma that can occur after a wreck. If you are worried about not only getting better, but also making sure your injury claim is as solid as it can be, then you need to find an accident chiropractor who not only knows how to treat a car accident patient and how to document your injuries for the adjusters.

Why take a chance on picking the wrong accident chiropractor?

Call us first for a quick, FREE consultation. Not only will we advise you on your claim in general, but we can also recommend accident chiropractors in your area that we have seen firsthand do good work.

When you involve us (even if just for a free consultation), you get the benefit of having us seen 100’s of clients treat with 100’s of different chiropractors all over metro Atlanta. After talking to us, you will walk away with the confidence that YOU are getting:

Great Outcomes – We have seen 100’s of clients treat with chiropractors after a car accident. We’ve seen firsthand the chiropractors that know how to deal with and document trauma injuries. (Yes! Even whiplash is trauma). We’ve also seen the ones that don’t understand a car accident patient is different from an every day patient.

Access to Specialists – iIt is extremely important to treat with a chiropractor that knows when to refer you to a specialist, such as an orthopedic doctor, when necessary. Chiropractors that understand this not only help you get better faster, but also help your case by getting other medical doctors involved in documenting your injuries and their effects.

Documentation to Support Great Offers – Your medical records are the single biggest source of evidence the insurance companies use to determine the value of your case. You can be going to the best doctor in the world, but if they don’t know how to document your injuries and treatment in the context of a car accident claim, your case will suffer. Because we look at medical records everyday and argue with adjusters over their contents, we know who does a great job.

Good Old Fashioned Customer Service – You are already under enough stress with being injured and possibly even having transportation problems with a damaged car. Customer service is king. It is the guiding principle of our firm and we are very critical of every medical practice we interact with. You should demand great service for scheduling appointments, coordinating referrals to specialists, billing insurance companies, and producing your medical records. These are all things that need to happen quickly and efficiently for you.

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Tips To Look Out For With Accident Chiropractors

Chiropractic treatment is well known as effective for sprain/strain type injuries often caused by car accidents. Selecting the right accident chiropractor can make a huge difference not only in the outcome of your treatment, but also your case. Experience Atlanta injury attorneys know which chiropractors in the area provide quality treatment and support their patients in presenting their medical evidence. Here are some tips to look out for:

Does the chiropractor have experience with car accident and injury claims?

Treatment and documentation for an accident patient is completely different then a health/wellness patient. In an injury case, the doctor needs to be much more detailed with your symptoms, tests, and records. They also need to understand how their medical records are used in the injury claims process. You can have the best doctor in the world helping you, but if they don’t understand how their evidence is used, they can do more harm then good to your case.

Does the chiropractor work with multiple attorneys?

Beware of the chiropractor that only works with one attorney. They often are directing to one attorney who they like as their “collection agent.” What we mean by this the chiropractor wants to make as much money off you as possible. They either want to take and exhaust as much of your (optional) MedPay as possible or get paid extremely well on their bill come settlement. We work for the client not the doctors. A reputable injury attorney has an ethical obligation to always put your interests first.

Do they refer to other specialists?

A lot of chiropractors believe they can cure any injury given enough time. When you are hurt in an accident, you want the right specialist for the right injury to be treating you. Often, this means getting MRI’s and seeing an orthopedic doctor in conjunction with the chiropractor. If they chiropractor is unwilling to make a referral to a specialist, you have picked the wrong doctor.

Is the chiropractor too focused on money rather then treatment?

It is common sense, but the accident chiropractor should be treating the injuries not the money. What do we mean by that? It means the doctor shouldn’t treat and treat if you are feeling better. Listen to your body. If you are back to 100% then you are only enriching the doctor going forward and possibly at the expense of yourself. Also, the American Medical Association guidelines state a chiropractor should not treat past 21-24 visits. If you are still hurt after that many visits, the protocol is to refer you to a specialist for a second opinion.

What If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

Our firm can help you get good, quality medical care after an accident even when you don’t have health insurance. Click here to read how. On most cases, we can arrange for any doctor, not just chiropractors, to see you on a lien. A lien is a fancy word for IOU. You and your attorney sign a contract promising to pay the doctor out of your settlement. Your final settlement will include a component for medical expenses, so the doctor’s bill will be paid for accordingly. BUT you have to have a lawyer to do this. Most doctors want a lawyer guaranteeing payment so they don’t get stiffed on their bill. Oh yeah, and we’ll negotiate down that bill so you can keep more of your settlement money.