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How Ankle Injury Case Values Vary Across Georgia

Like any complex joint, the worth of ankle injuries in Georgia personal injury cases can vary wildly. At the very low end of the spectrum are sprained ankles. At the high end you have complex fractures with permanent disabilities. Ankle injury cases can present better opportunities to settle your case for its fair and reasonable amount than most of your other “normal” personal injury case types. When we say normal, we are talking about the soft tissue neck and back sprains/strains.

Ankle injuries caused by trauma (car accidents, slip/trip and falls) rarely implicate pre-existing injuries or degenerative disease – two of the biggest tactics for lowering your case’s value. They also usually show up on x-rays or MRIs, making them objective injuries.

Ankle Surgery Case Values

Wow. Talk about not wanting to break your ankle in Fulton County. This is the leader for biggest disparity between median values in injury cases. The only explanation I can come up with, and it is pure speculation on my part, is that ankle injuries in Fulton County probably involve a lot more premises liability type cases due to its urban environment.


Median Value in Fulton County


Median Value in Rest of Georgia

Such an environment would necessarily include lots of people breaking ankles in poorly maintained parking lots, etc. Whereas, ankle injuries in the rest of the State may be coming from much more traumatic injuries, such as tractor trailer accidents or really bad car accidents. The difference in how the ankle is broken could lead to differences in severity. Breaks cause by urban hazards are much simpler I would think then the other types, which can caused crushed ankles and complex breaks. Again, this is speculation on my part but it shows you how you really need me or another personal injury attorney to dig in to the numbers and your particular fact pattern. Contact my office today for a free consultation for your injury case.