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Why Workplace Safety Is So Important

The Importance of Workplace Safety

If you spend your days behind a desk—like so many people—you probably don’t think much about safety on the job. You work behind a desk, after all, so what could happen? No matter what kind of work you do, however, accidents can strike, and workplace safety matters. Know the accident risks at your workplace, do what you can to help mitigate those risks, and avoid your own workplace accidents.

The Workplace: A Breeding Ground for Accidents

We spend a lot of time at work, and because we’re human, we get distracted, rushed, exhausted, and exasperated while doing our jobs. We know that accidents happen, but the workplace is probably more of a breeding ground for accidents than you realize. Work often throws a group of risk factors at you all at one time, and you probably don’t even notice. These risks can include long hours, imperfect working conditions, competing priorities, and complacency (you just stop noticing that you’re taking risks). Paying attention may go further than anything else in reducing accidents at the workplace.

Common Workplace Accidents

A few accidents are so commonly associated with the workplace that we need to review them:

  • Overexertion
  • Slips and falls
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Machine accidents

Overexertion injuries—caused by pulling, holding, lifting, carrying, pushing, or throwing awkward or heavy objects—are both the most common and costliest workplace injuries. The incorporation of ergonomic equipment, safe-lifting guidelines, adequate safety gear, and safety training can help reduce these work-related injuries.

Uncorrected, unsafe working conditions (this is where complacency can come in) can cause slip and fall accidents. Hazards can include debris in walkways, puddled water, slippery surfaces, and much more. Having a regular maintenance plan that implements consistent grounds checks and cleaning routines can help. Repetitive motion injuries build up with time—typing at your computer for extended periods of time, for example, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome. Incorporating ergonomic office furniture, maintaining a healthy posture, and taking regular breaks throughout the day can help keep these sleeper injuries at bay.

Accidents caused by machines—even office machines—can result in serious injuries. Educating employees about safely operating office machinery and putting safety checks and protocols in place can help keep your office safer.

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