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Workers Can Suffer Permanent Injuries

Many workplace injuries can result in days or weeks away from work. Injured workers may seek workers’ compensation benefits for lost wages, medical expenses, and similar costs of treatment. However, some workers may suffer permanent and disabling injuries, and their subsequent workers’ compensation claims can be significantly more complicated.

Types of Permanent Job-Related Injuries

There are many types of workplace accidents and injuries that can leave a worker permanently disabled. Common accidents that lead to such injuries include:

Some permanent injuries that commonly result from such job-related accidents include:

Not only do the above injuries all require immediate medical attention, but they also may result in a lifetime of medical treatment and impairments. Offering benefits for partial lost income or medical bills is often inadequate in these situations, which is why the Georgia workers’ compensation laws address benefits for permanent disabilities.

Determining Your Permanent Partial Disability Rating

When you permanently lose the use of a body part due to a workplace accident, the law entitles you to benefits for a permanent partial disability. The benefits you receive will depend on the severity of your impairment, which depends on your impairment rating.

Medical professionals may rate your impairment once you reach maximum medical improvement. This means that while you still may require ongoing treatment, such treatment will not result in any substantial improvement in your condition. Once you reach this point, a doctor will rate your impairment based on your lost capacity to work. For example, if the doctor believes your impairment reduces your work abilities by 30 percent, you will receive a 30 percent permanent partial disability rating.

This rating can vary from doctor to doctor, and you always want to seek help from a lawyer who knows how to attain the proper rating for your situation. If you receive a rating that is too low in light of your permanent injuries, you will not receive the full benefits you deserve.

Workers’ Comp Disability Benefits

After a permanent injury, you deserve to receive benefits for all relevant medical expenses and lost income like any other injured worker. However, the law also entitles you to additional payment for your impairments, based on your rating. This payment often comes in the form of a structured settlement or lump sum payment.

Workers’ compensation insurers commonly fight against permanent partial disability claims. You are dealing with enough as it is – let our lawyers fight for the full benefits you deserve from the insurance company.

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