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The Brauns Blog: Where Law Meets Life

Where does the law meet you in everyday life? Probably in more places than you expect. From hosting your child’s graduation party to renewing your auto insurance, our daily lives are filled with legal and safety implications, many we never even consider.

Our blog is here to bring those situations to life, tackling the most common questions and misconceptions we hear related to accidents, injuries, and safety. We also feature our work with local nonprofit partners and share legal news and updates from our law firm. Want to find out where the law meets your life? Read on!

If you have driven in Gwinnett County, you have undoubtedly seen large commercial vehicles like semis or tanker trucks hauling their cargo down the interstate or highway. These vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and are capable of causing extremely serious damage when they are involved in accidents….

These days, when someone talks about distracted driving, most of us tend to imagine drivers with their cell phones in their hand, busily texting away. It is certainly the case that texting and other smartphone use is a significant source of driver distraction, evidenced by how most states (including Georgia)…

Most people understand the importance of maintaining the brakes on their vehicles and not driving their vehicles if the brakes are not working right. That’s just common sense. It would seem a no-brainer to expect truckers and trucking companies to take these practical rules more seriously given the catastrophic injuries…

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