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How to Report Elder Abuse or Nursing Home Abuse in Georgia

The fact that someone would abuse an elderly person or nursing home resident sounds shocking, but it happens; the National Center on Elder Abuse suggests that rates of abuse are as high as 7.6 percent to 10 percent of study participants. If you suspect or know that your loved one is suffering abuse by a caretaker, it is important that you know how to report elder abuse to ensure your loved one’s safety.

The following provides some information regarding how to report elder abuse or nursing home abuse in Georgia.

How to Report Elder Abuse in Georgia

There is more than one place to which you can report elder abuse in Georgia. Starting at the basic level, you should report the abuse to the abuser’s immediate supervisor. For example, if the abuse is happening within a nursing home, you should tell the nursing home manager or director about the abuse.

In the event that the abuse is putting your loved one in imminent danger or is sexual in nature, you should call the police and report the abuse to officers immediately. This will help protect your loved one and may protect other victims as well.

In addition to reporting the abuse to the abuser’s immediate supervisor, you may also report the abuse to:

Note: Once you report the abuse, it is likely that an investigation will begin. Do not allow your loved one to speak with anyone about her abuse without legal representation.

Contact a Duluth Georgia Elder Abuse Attorney Today

In addition to reporting to the sources above, you should consider seeking a free case consultation with an elder abuse lawyer near you. This is because you may be able to file a claim directly against the nursing home or/and abusive person to recover civil damages for the abuse.

At Brauns Law, PC, we understand how tragic elder abuse is, and want to do everything that we can to put an end to it. While we cannot help you to pursue criminal charges, we can help you to file a claim to recover financial compensation for the harm your loved one suffered.

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