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Whiplash (or Cervical Strain/sprain) Is Commonly Associated With Rear End Car Accidents

Atlanta Whiplash Lawyer

Atlanta Whiplash LawyerCar accidents can cause all different kinds of injuries, but one part of your body is always the most at risk – your neck. Whiplash (or cervical strain/sprain) is by far the most common neck injury in car accidents, especially rear-end collisions.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a non-medical term used to describe injury to your neck after your head moves quickly backwards then forwards as the car accident proceeds, or vice versa. It is commonly associated with rear end car accidents because that is the motion that causes your head to violently move forward and backward. This rapid acceleration of your head strains and extends the muscles in your neck. Besides having neck pain after the car accident, you can also have back strain, stiffness and pain, and injuries to ligaments, tissues and muscles in the head, neck or back.

Whiplash Accident Symptoms

Whiplash injuries and symptoms may not appear immediately at the scene of the accident. It’s not uncommon for the pain and stiffness to start until later in the day or even the next morning. It can take several days for the full effects of the whiplash to appear. Some of the symptoms that can come along with whiplash include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Ringing Ears
  • Numbness in an arm or hand
  • Pins and needles in an arm or hand
  • Dizziness

When You Need A Whiplash Lawyer

If your whiplash injury keeps you from working, you need to contact a whiplash lawyer like David Brauns immediately. Your claim has gone from being a nuisance to one that now has legitimate damages (lost wages) under Georgia law. We can still get you lost wages compensation even if you used sick days or vacation days to stay out of work. Those days were for you to use, not for the person who caused the car accident to use to get off the hook. Georgia law doesn’t reward the wrong doer.

You also need to contact us if you need medical help. Chiropractors and physical therapists are very good at treating car accident whiplash injuries. Unlike some whiplash lawyers, we help our clients with everything from getting medical care to getting their cars repaired.

Finally, you need us on your team if you want to truly maximize your personal injury claim. Whiplash insurance claims need to be properly documented and presented in order to get their true settlement value. People trying to handle their own claim almost always leave money on the table because of not knowing the true value of their whiplash claim or how to best present it to the insurance company for top dollar.

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