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If an improperly made, designed, or packaged product injured you, you need to talk to a Duluth product liability lawyer right away to begin the process of seeking compensation from the responsible party.

David Brauns and the Brauns Law, PC team have over a decade of experience and success in helping people just like you seek the restitution they deserve after experiencing an injury or loss due to the negligent acts of others. Our team is knowledgeable in the specific product liability laws in Georgia that might affect your case, and will work to make sure you have a positive outcome.

What is product liability law?

Product liability law protects consumers from injury or financial losses associated with the use of products they have purchased by holding manufacturers responsible for those injuries. A consumer can file a product liability claim after using a defective product and experiencing an injury or damages linked directly to the negligent acts of the manufacturer. There are many different types of product liability cases. A consumer has the option to file an individual claim or join a class action lawsuit to recoup damages.

In some states, the plaintiff must prove that the manufacturer was negligent and that said negligence caused the plaintiff’s injury. Some states, such as Georgia, are different and operate under a strict liability law which states that a victim must prove:

  • The defendant manufactured the product.
  • The product was defective when the manufacturer sold it.
  • The product’s defect injured the defendant.

David Brauns will help you with your product liability case if a product injured you and you believe that the injury or loss occurred because there was some type of defect in the product itself. Our team will work with you to explore the possible causes of your damages and obtain the necessary evidence and research to build a strong case for you.

What constitutes manufacturer negligence?

  • A manufacturer can fail its consumers and cause harm to those who have purchased its products in multiple ways. The following are types of product liability cases commonly brought to court after consumers experience injury or loss.
  • Manufacturing defect: This type of defect typically occurs because of some type of error that occurred in the factory that makes the product. This is often the easiest type of product liability to prove in court. Examples of manufacturing defects include a bicycle that was made without brakes or a tire that bursts while driving due to sidewall separations.
  • David Brauns can help you prepare a claim that proves that your injury or loss was a direct result of using the product and that you were properly using the product at the time and did not contribute to the accident.
  • Design defect: This type of product liability is a bit more complicated and can be more difficult to prove. A design defect case claims that there was some aspect of the product’s design that made it dangerous to the end user. Some examples of a design defect might include: A child’s battery operated car that tends to flip over due to a top-heavy design or a microwave that catches on fire after being in use for over one minute.
  • The Brauns Law, PC team can assist you in telling the story behind your injury and drawing appropriate conclusions based on factual evidence and expert testimony and research.
  • Failure to warn or poorly written instructions: These are cases where an essential warning label was omitted or instructions fail to properly educate the user on how to or how not to use a product, causing injury or loss. An example of this type of defect is a lack of appropriate disclosure of dangerous side effects or drug interactions on a medication’s label or package inserts.

What can I do?

Hiring an experienced product liability lawyer in Duluth Georgia will help you build a successful case. David Brauns and the Brauns Law, PC team will gather the necessary evidence, do the required research, and build a strong case to obtain the settlement you deserve. For a no cost, no obligation consultation, contact us at 404-348-0889.

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