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Is It Too Late to Hire a Personal Injury Attorney for My Car Accident?

The days and weeks after a serious car accident can be extremely hectic, especially if you suffered injuries. Between medical care, follow-up appointments, letting work know you’ll be out, and vehicle repairs, it’s easy to put off retaining an attorney to represent you. If the weeks have stretched into months and you’ve started handling your claim yourself, you may feel like it’s too late to retain a lawyer at all.

Fortunately, there is no time limit within which you must retain an attorney after a car accident. The fact that you did not hire a lawyer immediately after your crash does not mean you can’t retain one at any point while your case is pending. There are many benefits to retaining a lawyer after an accident, including the following:

  • A lawyer can determine all of the parties from whom who may be able to recover compensation
  • An attorney will evaluate all of your economic and non-economic losses and demand a settlement that adequately compensates you for them.
  • An attorney familiar with car accident litigation will be familiar with the insurance company’s tactics that are designed to get you to settle for less and protect your rights throughout the entire process.
  • If the insurance company refuses to settle your case for a reasonable amount, your lawyer may file a lawsuit and represent you in court in order to get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

As a General Rule, You Should Retain a Lawyer Sooner Rather Than Later

While you can retain an attorney weeks or months after a car accident, that doesn’t mean you should. Waiting to start investigating your claim may result in the loss or destruction of evidence important to your case. For example, it’s always best to get witness statements as soon as you can after a crash; memories fade with time, and statements made even after a few days may be viewed as less reliable than those made immediately after the accident.

Be Aware of the Statute of Limitations

Finally, you should be aware of the fact that under the Georgia statute of limitations for personal injury actions, you only have two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. The court will almost certainly dismiss any claims filed after the statute of limitations has lapsed, meaning that you cannot recover anything for your losses. While two years seems like a long time, it is best to give your attorney as much time as possible to work on your case so that you receive the maximum compensation possible under the law.

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