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Woman Rear-Ended by Ambulance Wins 3.5 Million Verdict

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Our client didn’t have to wait very long for an ambulance. That’s because she was rear-ended by the very same ambulance that she had just stopped for in response to it’s lights and sirens.

S.N. was driving on Columbia Drive in DeKalb County when she saw an ambulance with its lights on in her rear view mirror. She stopped her car to let it pass. Unfortunately for her, video from inside the ambulance cockpit showed the driver had his eyes completely off the road while fumbling to turn on the ambulance’s siren. The result – the ambulance smashed into the back of S.N.’s car at over 30 M.P.H. The force of impact caused her back window to shatter and her car to be launched off the roadway into the grass.

S.N.’s neck injuries ultimately required surgery. She lost her long time lucrative job as a pharmacy technician at a local hospital. After four long years of work we, along with several other lawyers working the case together, were able to obtain a $3.5 million verdict for her in DeKalb County State Court. S.N. now has the funds to live life to its fullest and not worry about living expenses or not being able to physically work.

Awarded: $3,500,000