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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are exceedingly complicated. In fact, they’re often referred to as silent injuries because they don’t always make themselves known to outside observers. Nevertheless, never minimize TBIs, as these injuries are often life-altering—even as the outside world remains unaware of their effects. If you’ve suffered a TBI, your life may have changed dramatically in that instant.

If you or your loved one has been victimized by a TBI that was caused by someone else’s negligence, seek immediate legal guidance. At Brauns Law, PC in Duluth, Georgia, we’re well acquainted with the intricacies of TBI cases, and our traumatic brain injury lawyers here to help.

Common Causes of TBIs

Typically, traumatic brain injuries are caused by a significant blow to or a whipping back and forth of the head. In fact, the Mayo Clinic succinctly identifies those accidents that commonly result in TBIs:

  • Taking a fall When you slip and fall, you are susceptible to traumatic brain injury. While some falls lead to nothing more significant than embarrassment, others can cause significant injuries, including TBIs. This is especially true for both the elderly and the very young.
  • Vehicular crashes – TBIs are often the result of car, motorcycle, and bike accidents. These crashes need not be extreme to lead to considerable personal injury. When your vehicle collides with another—even when moving slowly—the impact can create the necessary conditions for sustaining a TBI.
  • Engaging in school sports – If your children are involved in highly physical school sports, they are prone to enduring TBI-inducing blows. High-impact sports, such as football, have recently received a great deal of national media attention for their brain-injury inducing potential. Young athletes undeniably face significant risks of traumatic brain injuries, and action-jammed sports offer plenty of opportunities to sustain them.

TBIs: The Signs

Every traumatic brain injury is unique, and every traumatic brain injury is unpredictable. Because TBIs often cause significant psychological, cognitive, sensory, behavioral, and physical damage, it’s necessary to understand and recognize the physical symptoms that are often linked to traumatic brain injuries:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Persistent headaches
  • The sudden onset of confusion
  • The sudden onset of sleep disturbances
  • Unconsciousness
  • Overwhelming fatigue
  • Lack of balance or coordination
  • A sudden change in mood or personality
  • The sudden onset of speech disturbances
  • The sudden onset of numbness or weakness

If you’ve suffered a significant TBI, your recovery process very well may include a lifelong battle. The significance of such injuries and their protracted recovery processes not only affect you as the victim but can also affect your family and your support system. It’s impossible to overstate the physical, emotional, financial, and psychological effects of such injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury Statistics

TBIs can vary from extremely mild to deadly, and this wide variance can contribute to discounting TBIs when it comes to tallying injury significance. TBIs, in fact, are so common that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports:

  • Traumatic brain injuries are involved in about 30 percent of injury-related fatalities in America.
  • About 1.7 million Americans annually suffer TBIs.
  • About 52,000 of reported TBI victims do not survive each year.
  • An estimated 275,000 brain injury victims are hospitalized.
  • Eighty percent of victims receive treatment in emergency rooms before they are subsequently released.

Traumatic Brain Injuries and Far-Reaching Consequences

Your brain is your body’s command center, and if you experience even incremental changes within this highly calibrated mechanism of body control, you’ll most likely be subjected to ongoing consequences. Even relatively minor TBIs can lead to highly unpredictable effects. TBIs aren’t inclined to follow protocol, and a TBI can lead to altered mental functioning, to defective sensory perception (including your hearing and sense of smell, and to altered language abilities, among other effects. Further, some TBI sufferers are afflicted by seizures, which can become chronic. TBIs, however, cause far more than negative physical effects.

TBIs are prone to eliciting ongoing emotional and psychological effects, which are often some of the most problematic symptoms of TBIs. In fact, many TBI sufferers find that they’re unable to control their emotions in the way they’d once could, which can lead to social isolation, depression, and other mental illnesses. Some who suffer from TBIs go so far as to describe the effects of their affliction as amounting to a loss of sense of self. Psychosocial symptoms of this magnitude not only affect victims of TBIm but also their friends and family.

Brain Injury Claims

If you suffered a TBI in an accident caused by another party, you may have the right to seek compensation for your losses. Victims of traumatic brain injuries often face serious, overwhelming emotional, physical, and financial challenges. Every traumatic brain injury is different, and each case should be evaluated on an individual basis. However, some losses commonly incurred by TBI victims include:

  • Past and future medical costs
  • Past and future lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent impairments
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

These cases can be complex, but your rights and your legal compensation are too important to ignore. Don’t hesitate to discuss your situation with our experienced legal team today.

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