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Burn injuries are extremely painful and can often result in long-lasting issues from which it is difficult to recover. Further, accidents that lead to burn injuries are often terrifying. Burn injuries are closely associated with personal injury accidents, including truck, car, motorcycle, bike, and pedestrian accidents. While personal injury claims are always difficult, burn injuries are among the most painful, dangerous, and emotionally devastating to sustain. If you’ve suffered a burn injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need experienced legal counsel.

Your Burn Injury

Burn injuries can range from extremely mild to life-threatening, but even a mild burn can be quite painful. It’s important to note that burn injuries often have a significant emotional component that’s related to the terrifying nature of the fire itself. If you’ve suffered a burn injury of any magnitude, you need immediate medical attention. Early treatment will ensure that the burns you’ve suffered have the best chance of healing as quickly as possible and as healthily as possible. The recovery process for these injuries is often protracted, and the damage will vary depending upon the severity of the burn:

  • First-degree burns. With a first-degree burn, your skin’s outer layer, or dermis, will be damaged. You will probably experience some swelling, pain, and reddened skin. First-degree burns are the mildest of all the burns, and they don’t usually lead to permanent damage. They can nonetheless be extremely painful, and this is especially true if the burn covers a large part of your body.
  • Second-degree burns. Second-degree burns damage both your dermis and your inner layer of skin, or epidermis. These more serious burns usually result in seriously reddened skin, swelling, blisters, and significant pain.
  • Third-degree burns. Third-degree burns are extremely serious, and they damage both your dermis and epidermis along with the tissue underlying your skin. Third-degree burns can also damage your bones, nerves, and muscles. These injuries naturally cause the most significant physical damage and pain, and they necessitate extensive medical treatment.

If someone else’s negligence has left you suffering from a burn injury, you need experienced legal counsel. These injuries are serious, painful, and slow to heal, and your rights and your rightful compensation matter. At Brauns Law, PC in Gwinnett County, Georgia, our dedicated legal team understands how devastating burn injuries can be, and we have the experience and the compassion to guide your claim toward the compensation to which you’re entitled. Although no amount of money can ever return you to your pre-accident self, just compensation can allow you to better navigate the path toward physical and emotional recovery.

Traffic Accidents and Burn Injuries

Car accidents and other types of traffic accidents are always difficult. Unfortunately, however, fires aren’t uncommon to such accidents, which can make them that much more devastating. During the impact of an accident, a vehicle’s fuel tank can be damaged in such a way that it gushes or leaks gasoline, which can explode or catch fire when it hits a hot surface—such as the vehicle’s engine. When traffic accidents involve fire, that fire can trap a car’s occupants within the vehicle and can also burn victims as they rush to escape the burning vehicle. It’s difficult to overstate how terrifying such an accident can be.

The Accident’s Aftermath

The terrifying nature of fires makes these accidents especially difficult to recover from emotionally. Many victims experience serious PTSD and other mental health consequences such as major depression and heightened anxiety. Further, burn injuries are exceedingly slow to heal, are immensely painful, and often result in extremely dangerous secondary complications—such as infections. Finally—and not surprisingly—many victims of traffic accidents that involve fire find it very difficult to get back behind the wheel of a car.

Disfigurement can also be a significant component of burn injuries. If the burn is near a victim’s face, it can make an already devastating injury that much more so. Our personal appearance is so closely connected with our sense of self that facial disfigurement can be irreparably life altering. Burn injuries are among the most serious injuries that accident victims suffer.

Treatment for Burn Injuries

If an accident has caused you to suffer burn injuries, you need immediate medical attention and emergency medical transportation from the scene of the accident. If your burns aren’t large and are only first-degree, you may hold the burn under cool—not cold—running water for about 10 to 15 minutes to help alleviate the pain and to cool the hot area. In such instances, topical antibiotic cream can also help. It’s important to know, however, that if any foreign matter is lodged in your burn, you should never attempt to dislodge it yourself. Doing so can lead to further health complications; you need medical attention.

Evidence at the Scene

The evidence gathered at the scene of the traffic accident is an important element of your claim. If you can’t collect evidence yourself, enlist someone at the scene to do it for you. The most important components of this evidence include photos and videos that carefully capture the scene of the accident from every angle (wide-angles and close-ups), eyewitness testimony, and eyewitness contact information. As soon as you can after the accident, write down your recollections of exactly how the accident happened in your own words and include as many details as you can. This contemporaneous document can help preserve your memories, which can become blurred in the tumultuous aftermath of an accident, and help strengthen your claim.

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