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Understanding Insurance: Overview

Insurance permeates your personal injury claim in many different ways.  Understanding how different kinds of insurance effect your claim will put you on even footing with the adjuster.  Part of your investigation should be spent locating, investigating, and analyzing insurance coverage.

There are 2 broad types of insurance that can come into play in your claim. They are car insurance and health insurance.

Car insurance, both your’s and the other driver’s, affect how much money is available to cover your claim and whether or not the accident will be covered (i.e. coverage). The Car Insurance sub-module will walk you through all the different car insurance issues.

If you have health insurance, then you need to understand how your health insurance paying for your medical treatment affects your claim. This includes such issues as getting health insurance to pay for treatment, possibly having to reimburse your health insurance company when you get a settlement, and dealing with adjusters who tell you they are not giving you money for your medical expenses because your insurance paid them (not true!). So if you have health insurance you will definitely need to read the Health Insurance sub-module.

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  • Health Insurance
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