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Confirm Your Signup Before Getting Your Free Tips

You just took the first step in getting your claim positioned for maximum value!

Please read this page. It contains important information about receiving your FREE Tips.

1. Confirm Your Tips Registration

  1. You should receive a verification email right away
  2. You need to click the confirmation link in this email to confirm that you want to receive 5 emails containing tips to get you started.

2. Don’t Let Your Tips Go To Junk Mail

Email providers are making it harder and harder for email information products to get through, even when you request the information. If you aren’t getting your tips, please check your junk mail folder, deleted items folder, or bulk mail folder for any messages from us and click on the Not Junk or Not Spam folder. If this isn’t solving the situation, please email us at tips@claimclinic.com.

You will find instructions below for each of the major email providers. If you don’t find info for your email provider, the best thing you can do is add the following email to your contact list:  tips@claimclinic.com.  This should prevent your spam filter from blocking your tips.

AOL (Version 9)

  1. In your mailbox, click the Add Address button on the right to add our email address to your “People I Know” list.
  2. Enter tips@claimclinic.com.


In GMail, you need to add us to your contacts to prevent our newsletter from being filtered to the junk folder.

  1. Sign into to your GMail account.
  2. On the left, click on the Contacts link.
  3. Click Create Contact.
  4. Fill in a name.
  5. Next to Primary Email enter: tips@claimclinic.com.
  6. Now click Save.

This will ensure that emails from us will directly go into your inbox. If you see a message from us in your Spam folder, you can click the Not Spam button.


  1. Login to your Hotmail account
  2. Click on the Options link in the upper right hand corner
  3. On the left, click on the Mail button to go to the mail options
  4. Click Junk E-Mail Protection
  5. Click Safe List
  6. Under Type an address or domain enter:  ClaimClinic.com
  7. Click the Add button

If you see a message from us in your Junk Mail folder, you can click the Not Junk button to move it to your Inbox and prevent our mini-course from going to the Junk folder in the future.


  1. Sign into your Yahoo! Mail account
  2. Click Options in the upper right hand corner
  3. Click Filters
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Under Filter Name, enter Internet Business Mastery Newsletter
  6. Next to From header, select contains
  7. In the text field next to that, enter:  ClaimClinic.com
  8. Next to Move the message to, choose Inbox
  9. Click the Add Filter button

This will make sure that any email from us goes to your Inbox. If you see a message from us in your Bulk folder, you can click the Not Spam button.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. On the Tools menu, click Rules Wizard
  2. In the Apply rules in the following order box, click Exception List
  3. In the Rule description box, click Exception List
  4. Click Add
  5. Enter tips@claimclinic.com

Messages sent from this address will be sure to appear in your Inbox.

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