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It’s Good Old Fashioned Customer Service

This client came to our firm almost 3 months after getting hurt. He had retained another law firm but wasn’t getting to speak with the attorneys or getting answers to his questions. After devouring our website material he decided to come in for a free consultation. We spent a good hour with him going through how the process was supposed to work (and not like it had been happening for him). We caught a couple strategy mistakes, some of which we could fix and some of which were too late. He decided to terminate his prior attorney and hire our firm to pick up the pieces and move forward. We had his case put together, the Demand drafted, and the case settled in less than a month and a half. If you haven’t worked with another firm before coming to us, it is hard to realize just how fast we move for clients. It is something we hear time and again not just from clients who have been through the process before with other law firms, but from medical providers and other businesses that routinely have to deal with personal injury firms.

This led him to say…

This is the most professional firm I have ever worked with. David answers my calls and e mails quickly. I chose David because I learned more about the process of a claim from his website than I did from my former attorney. I knew every step along the way what to expect and felt totally prepared through the entire process. If you want great customer service and to be treated fairly and honestly, I suggest you call David Brauns.

- D. Campbell