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Benefits of DIY Claims

Handle your personal injury claim like an attorney without paying for one.


Using our Claim Notebook System, Worksheets and Checklists, you will thoroughly investigate and document personal injury your claim thoroughly. The key to maximizing your recovery is claim data.


Work through all your injury claim’s data and evidence. Figure out what a fair and reasonable settlement is for your claim. Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.


Use ClaimClinic’s innovative worksheets and Demand format to assemble all your claim data into a comprehensive and compelling Demand Package to send to the adjuster. This will get the adjuster to maximize their offer range.

Why Claimclinic?

Get Paid Quicker

Know all the documentation and evidence the adjuster needs to process your claim ahead of time. This can increase your claim’s value and get you paid faster.


Form letters and worksheets give you everything you need to work with your claim’s data and communicate with adjusters and third parties professionally.

Notebook System

Staying organized is key. Our Notebook system provides you an easy way to organize and manage your injury claim’s documentation.

Demand Package

ClaimClinic gives you a step-by-step proven system for getting all the data and evidence out of your medical records and into a compelling Demand Package for the adjuster to use for making offers.

What’s it Worth

Using our worksheets and Valuation module, you will learn the right way to figure out how much your claim is worth. HINT: It’s not the multiply your bills by 1-3 method.


Your Demand Package sets the high number. The adjuster sets the low number. Learn to move the adjuster up and maximize your claim’s payout.

Award Winning Power and Experience