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Premium Training, Resources and Support For People Who Handle Their Own Claim

Get Paid More

The insurance industry’s own 2008 study shows people handling their own claim end up with more money in their pocket when they don’t hire an attorney. ClaimClinic puts even more money in your pocket by teaching you to document and negotiate your claim at a level the untrained DIY’er simply is unaware even exists.

Get Paid Quicker

ClaimClinic speeds up the settlement process by showing you all the documentation and evidence the adjuster needs to process your claim. Not only does this get you paid faster, but gets you paid more money through better documentation and presentment.

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The Best DIY Personal Injury Claim Handling Training

You will have access to the the web’s most comprehensive resource for insight and technical know-how to help you handle your own personal injury claim.

Whether its basic how to gather information and talk to adjusters or advanced tactics like writing Demand Letters for maximum offers and negotiating with adjusters, ClaimClinic provides you with the best DIY claim handling materials.

Here’s a quick look at the type of information you’ll have immediate access to once you become a member of ClaimClinic:

Thoroughly Investigate

ClaimClinic’s Investigation module is one of the largest in the Clinic. It walks you through every possible piece of evidence you should be gathering and analyzing in order to support your claim’s maximum value.

Notebook System

Staying organized is key. Our Notebook system provides you an easy way to organize and manage your injury claim’s documentation.

What’s it Worth

Get help analyzing your claim’s true value so you know where you stand in your Demand and what the adjuster is offering. ClaimClinic walks you through the analysis step-by-step.

Forms & Worksheets

Lots of forms and worksheets give you everything you need to work with your claim’s data and communicate with adjusters and third parties professionally.

Demand Package

ClaimClinic shows you its innovative Demand Package methodology, which spoon feeds the adjusters the “data” they need to support making higher offers.

How Much Is It?

You’re at ClaimClinic because you want to handle your own personal injury claim in the best possible way so as to maximize your settlement. The training and tools inside ClaimClinic are invaluable resources that will enable you to achieve your goal. ClaimClinic costs $45/month and will easily pay for itself. Using the materials inside the member only Clinic area, you should increase the value of your personal injury claim many times over the price you pay for ClaimClinic.

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