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ClaimClinic: Countering Adjuster Offer

You should begin writing a response letter to the adjuster’s offer while his/her comments are still fresh in your head.  You won’t write the entire letter yet, just the portion re-stating their offer and their explanation(s).  [See form response letter].

Your letter will have 2 main sections: “Your Proposed Counter-Offer” and “Revised Demand.”

Adjuster Counter Offer Section

The section should state the date and time you talked about their counter-offer, what their offer was, what part of their offer they attributed to the various damages you are entitled to (medical, lost wages, and pain/suffering).  Essentially, you will re-state everything the adjuster said in response to your questioning above.  The very last sentence of this section should read, “If I have misunderstood any part of our conversation in any way, please correct me as soon as possible.”

Revised Demand Section

In this section you will first give the adjuster a lowered demand amount.  Then you will explain your basis for doing so while simultaneously responding to any of the adjuster’s unfavorable rationale for their low counter-offer.

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