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Our No Win, No Fee Promise – How a Personal Injury Attorney Contingency Fee Works

One of the biggest reasons Georgia residents do not hire an attorney for their personal injury claims is because they believe they cannot afford a lawyer.

But we don’t ask for a retainer of several thousand dollars or charge you by the hour. We work on a contingency fee. You have nothing to lose and everything to potentially gain when you let Brauns Law, PC help with your injury claim.

What is a contingency fee?

A contingency fee means two things:

  1. If we don’t win, you don’t pay
  2. We receive a percentage of your settlement or judgment

Contingent means dependent or conditioned upon something else. In the context of a personal injury case, it means you do not have to pay us a fee if we do not get you a settlement or judgment at trial. There is little financial risk in using an injury lawyer for your case.

Legal Fees vs. Expenses

A fee is what you pay the lawyer for his or her time and knowledge. Expenses are what your lawyer has to pay to various third parties to handle your case.

If your case settlements without filing a lawsuit, expenses usually include paying medical providers for records. But if your case goes to trial, expenses might include:

  • Court filing costs
  • Expert witnesses
  • Depositions
  • Trial exhibits

These costs can run into the thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the type of case.

Some injury lawyers will demand expenses be repaid even if they do not get you a settlement. We do not do this. If we do not win you a settlement, you owe us nothing. You will not pay a contingency fee OR expenses. It says so in bold capital letters in our contract.

What percentage of compensation is the fee?

Percentage of recovery is how attorneys who work on a contingency fee basis express their fees. Personal injury lawyers usually charge 33.33% of whatever they recover for you if they can obtain a settlement without having to file a lawsuit.

Many lawyers (including us) will have a second tier of fees that increases the contingency fee if they have to litigate your case. That litigation fee is usually between 40-45%.

The reason there are two levels of fees is that litigation requires a lot more work and risk. The very nature of having a case in court dramatically changes the work involved, including court appearances, motions, and trial.

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