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Filing a Claim if You Were a Passenger in a Car Accident in Georgia

Getting injured if you were a passenger in a car accident can be confusing and frustrating, not to mention stressful. This becomes even more stressful because you were probably riding with a friend, relative, or someone you know.

You are hurt and in pain and wondering:

  • What if the driver of the car I was in was at fault and I don’t want to sue him/her?
  • Which driver’s insurance company pays for my injuries and bills?
  • How do I get the money I need to get better?

Insurance questions are reason enough to hire us to help you. Deciding whose insurance will pay and then trying to find enough insurance to pay for everything involves complicated insurance law. Not only is there fault to consider (what the law calls liability), but car insurance policies are also legal contracts and can sometimes have language that prevents you from collecting against a relative. When you hire our firm, we get certified copies of each driver’s insurance information, analyze your options, and hold the right insurance company accountable.

Insurance coverage can be confusing.

We’ll take care of it so all you have to do is say, “Call my lawyer.”

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Don’t Trust the Car Insurance Companies

Many times, there is insurance coverage available after you’ve been hurt as a passenger in a car accident. But you still will run into problems with the at-fault driver’s – whoever that might be – insurance company. Insurance companies routinely deny and deny. We know how to push insurance companies into action and get them to the settlement table. You don’t have to worry about insurance companies pointing at each other when we’re involved. We control the process and hold insurance companies accountable.

If you are a passenger hurt in a car accident, it is especially important that you:

  • Don’t sign any papers until you’ve talked to a lawyer. Call us for a free consultation. There are no strings attached and we will tell you what you should do.
  • Don’t let the insurance company record a statement/interview. They’ll use it against you later and it can mess up insurance coverage.

“But I Don’t Want to Sue My Friend or Relative.”

This is a common sentiment. But chances are you won’t have to sue. We are successful in the settling the majority of our cases without having to file a lawsuit. And the insurance companies pay your settlement, not your friend or family member. That’s the whole reason he has insurance. You also shouldn’t worry about making a friend or relative’s insurance bill go up. If he was at fault, then it is likely that another driver will file a claim against him and it is most likely going to go up anyway because of the other driver’s claim.

We also take the time and resources to investigate whether something else was at fault or played a role in causing the accident besides the person driving the vehicle in which you were traveling. For example, we have found cases of dangerous road construction, bad road conditions, and improper construction sites causing water to stand on roadways, and thus contributing to the accident, to name a few. Our job is to find ALL the responsible parties to an accident.

There’s Never a Fee at Brauns Law, PC Unless We Get You Money

We want you to call us for a free legal evaluation about your case. You will talk directly with David Brauns, not a paralegal or intake manager. The call and David’s time are absolutely free. And if you hire our firm, you won’t pay us a dime until and unless we get you money.

Evidence disappears quickly after a car accident. This is even more true when you have multiple drivers you have to investigate. There are also time limits to filing a personal injury claim in Georgia, so contact us immediately to talk about your case. You can call David at 404-348-0889 or submit your case using our online form.