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Learning More To Get More: The Importance Of Information To Build A Strong Case

As with anything else in life, the more information and resources you have on the details of your claim, the stronger your understanding and ability to debate becomes. We strive to make sure that you have all the necessary information needed to confidently and successfully pursue your injury claim. Come educate yourself through our extensive articles and allow us to teach you everything you need to know about pursuing your personal injury or car accident claim.

Our team works hard to consistently provide free, useful information so you are able to make smarter choices about your legal situation. You’ll find answers to many of your pressing legal questions right here. Of course, the smartest thing you can do if you actually have a case is to speak with experienced attorney – you can reach out to us at (404) 998-5252.

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Knee Injury Case Values From Cases We Have Handled in Georgia

Case values associated with knee injuries vary greatly and usually depend on the severity of the injury. David Brauns explains value ranges in Georgia. Continue reading

CDC Study

New CDC study puts pedestrian fatalities at 2.5% higher than the percentage of pedestrian trips in the United States. Continue reading

Our No Win, No Fee Promise – How a Personal Injury Attorney Contingency Fee Works

No win, no fee – that’s a promise. At Brauns Law, PC, we work on a personal injury attorney contingency fee. Call 404-348-0889 to schedule a free consultation. Continue reading

Property Damage after Car Accident in Duluth Georgia

The amount of your property damage after a car accident in Duluth Georgia can just add to the headaches you are feeling. Brauns Law, PC can help: 404-348-0889. Continue reading

Each Insurance Company Has a Different Cut-off for the Percentage of Actual Cash Value

Let Atlanta injury attorney David Brauns teach you all the ins and outs of dealing with an adjuster totaling out your car. Continue reading

Georgia Communities Served

Your injury claim and its investigation and value has a lot to do with which county it occurred in and what county the lawsuit must be filed in. Continue reading

How the Car Accident Settlement Process Works in Georgia

Confused by the car accident settlement process? Learn what to expect and put your mind at ease by talking to David Brauns in Duluth Georgia: 404-348-0889. Continue reading

Whiplash (or Cervical Strain/sprain) Is Commonly Associated With Rear End Car Accidents

Whiplash symptoms may not appear immediately at the scene of the accident. Learn more about your injury and how to receive the best medical care. Continue reading

Rotator Cuff Settlements

Did you recently experience a shoulder injury due to an auto or work related accident? If so, David Brauns can help you determine the value of your injuries. Continue reading

You Need to Talk to Us Before a Doctor

If you have been injured in an accident, don’t just go to any doctor. Learn how attorney David Brauns helps his clients find the right doctor for their case. Continue reading

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