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Adjusters Aren’t There To Help You

We are on your side.

Adjusters are trained to get you to accept low settlements and avoid lawyers. That’s because the insurance industry knows a good personal injury attorney can more than triple your claims’ worth. Adjusters also want to do the least possible work on every claim. We make them do what they are supposed to under Georgia law and your policy.

Car Accident Insurance Adjusters

Once an insurance company opens a claim, it will assign an adjuster to the file. Adjusters are not attorneys. They are overworked case handlers that take in and review data and try to settle cases. Their sole job is to close claims and pay as little money as possible. Bonuses and promotions are all driven around these 2 themes. Adjusters are also overworked. Many handle hundreds of claims and can only remember the facts of your case after they pull up the diary notes on their computer screen.

Adjuster Tactics in Injury Claims

Adjusters are trained a variety of techniques to meet their goal of closing claims for the least amount of money. Here is a brief list of some of the things we are up against:

  1. Rapport Building – Adjusters are trained to call you before you can hire a lawyer and build rapport with you such that you think they have your best interests in mind. Insurance studies show people without a personal injury attorney receive less for their claim.
  2. Questioning Necessity of Medical Treatment – even though adjusters are not physicians, they will routinely take the position that medical treatment you received was not reasonable or warranted. This can result in them cutting the amount of money they are putting to medical expenses. Of course, my job is to call them out on this and show in court that all medical treatment was reasonable and necessary.
  3. Delaying -Adjusters have a good feel for those claimants that are desperate for money. If you appear desperate or too eager to settle quickly, the adjuster will low ball the claim and never come to his/her senses. You must be prepared to go the distance. That is the only way to move your case towards its maximum value.
  4. Requesting Independent Medical Exams – these are anything but independent. Some times adjusters will demand you go see a doctor to get examined. The doctor is going to look at your medical records and maybe do a physical exam and then state that your injuries were not caused by the accident. These doctors make $1,000′s from the insurance company. They are bought and paid for and will always testify in the insurance company’s favor.