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How to Choose a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case in Duluth Georgia

Just like no two injury claims are the same, no two personal injury lawyers will handle your injury claim the same. Some lawyers only handle certain types of injury claims, while some tend to avoid courtrooms and would rather settle all their cases directly with the insurance companies. Learning how to choose a lawyer for your personal injury case in Duluth Georgia will save you headaches down the road.

Why it is Important to Research and Interview Multiple Lawyers

The Georgia personal injury attorney that you choose can make or break your settlement value. If you pick a lawyer that refuses to take cases to court, or does not have experience with your particular type of injury, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment when the settlement is reached.

There are likely dozens of lawyers in your area, and all those advertisements on billboards and bus stops all seem to say the same thing: call me if you are injured. What these ads do not tell you is how they will handle your case, what kind of communication methods they use to keep you informed regarding your case progress, and how suited they are to working with your family. Before choosing your lawyer, consider asking them the following questions.

Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney Before You Hire Him or Her

What types of personal injury claims do you handle?

Some attorneys say they handle all types of injury claims. While this can mean they have a lot of experience, this can also mean they do not have intricate knowledge of specific types of cases.

For example, Brauns Law, PC focuses specifically on car accidents involving drunk drivers. These injury claims are often tied to criminal cases, which need to be addressed separately and with knowledge of Georgia DUI laws. A general injury attorney may not be able to fully investigate and leverage the drunk driving case to your injury claim’s advantage.

How much is my claim worth?

While no attorney can say for sure what your claim will settle for, a good attorney will know how to estimate a fair settlement amount. Insurance companies try to get you to settle for as little as possible, and often offer an initial settlement that only covers your immediate medical bills.

Brauns Law, PC sits down with our clients and assesses the current losses, including lost wages and pain and suffering damages, and then helps determine any future medical expenses, work losses, and accounts for long-term damages.

How will your office keep me informed of the progress on my case?

Your law firm should keep you informed of the progress of your case, even when things are still in negotiation. If the office does not give you a reliable method of contacting your attorney with questions, you should not expect any regular updates about your case. You should be informed every time progress is made on your claim, and you should know whom to call when you need an update in-between those progress reports.

Who will be handling my personal injury claim?

When you deal with huge national law firms, it is a gamble as to who will be handling your injury claim. You could very well have a paralegal fresh out of college working on your claim – at some firms your case never makes it onto the desk of an attorney.

At Brauns Law, PC, your case is in the hands of David Brauns first and foremost. Our staff is here to help make sure your calls are answered and your files are ready to go when it comes time to negotiate a settlement or take your case to trial. Make sure whoever is handling your case is a Georgia Bar certified attorney in good standing.

Make Sure You Have the Best Legal Help on Your Side

It is important that when hiring a lawyer, you feel comfortable working with him. That is why most law firms offer free consultations; it gives you an opportunity to see if an attorney is the right fit for your case. Do not let this free opportunity to evaluate your case pass you by, contact us at 404-348-0889 or fill out our online consultation form to schedule your free injury claim consultation with David Brauns.