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Help Us Celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) designates every May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. This month is a perfect time to review safety tips for both motorcyclists and passenger vehicle drivers. Remember that it is up to all of us to ensure the roads are safe for all who use them.

Motorcycle Rider Safety Tips

Being a safe rider begins with taking a motorcycle safety course. The Basic Riders Course (BRC) gives a general overview of motorcycle laws, safety maneuvers, and riding skills. Even if you already have a license, this course is a good way to refresh your safety skills. Skilled riders can also benefit from the Advanced Riders Course (ARC) which teaches more advanced maneuvers and skills.

Before taking to the roads on your own, proper clothing and safety gear is a must. Georgia Code § 40-6-315 requires all motorcycle riders to wear a helmet at all times. (Also make sure the helmet fits; a helmet that does not fit properly will not be nearly as effective.) If the helmet does not have a face shield, sunglasses or goggles will help protect your eyes from dust and debris while riding.

Wear clothing that covers all exposed skin. A padded jacket and riding pants can provide some extra cushion if you fall off your bike. Finally, always wear boots or strong, closed-toed shoes.

While riding, remember that you must follow the same traffic laws as other vehicles. These rules include riding within your lane, taking care to watch for other vehicles when changing lanes or turning left, and always obeying the speed limit.

How Passenger Vehicle Drivers Can Keep Motorcyclists Safe

Motorcycle safety is the responsibility of every person who shares our Georgia roads. Drivers who follow the rules of the road and drive within the speed limit while obeying all traffic signals reduce the risk of crashes with motorcyclists.

Drivers of passenger vehicles need to be aware of their blind spots and make sure they are clear before changing lanes or making a left-hand turn. Drivers must also be sure that they pay attention to their surroundings at all times. All drivers should check for motorcyclists, cyclists, and pedestrians before opening a car door.

Do not tailgate or cut off a motorcycle, as the motorcyclist may be unable to swerve or stop in time.

Brauns Law, PC Helps Motorcyclists Recover Damages after a Serious Crash

Even the safest motorcycle rider can sustain injury at risk when other drivers are negligent. If another driver injured you in an accident, you have the right to seek damages for your injuries and losses. Call a motorcycle accident attorney from Brauns Law, PC for help building your case today.

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