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Follow These Four Steps to Locate an Experienced Attorney You Can Trust

Four Step Process to Finding the Right Attorney for YouOnce you have come to the realization that you need an attorney to represent you in your car crash case, you need to find the one that feels right for you. But how do you find a qualified attorney out of the many car accident attorneys out there advertising their services? One thing is for certain. You do not want one who will try to convince you to take the first settlement offered. You need an attorney who has your best interests at heart and is not afraid to fight to get you the settlement you are entitled to. If you follow these steps, you will find a qualified attorney that you know you can trust.

Step One: Search for Potential Qualified Attorneys

Your first step is to find potential candidates. You have several ways to locate an attorney who handles car crash cases. You could obtain names of attorneys from these sources:

  • Attorneys you have used or know. If you used an attorney who you were happy with but does not handle car accident cases, you could ask him for a referral to an attorney who he recommends. Attorneys you know professionally or socially may also be able to provide you with the name of an attorney.
  • Friends, family, and co-workers. Family, friends, and co-workers who have used an attorney for this type of case are a potential referral source. Ask them about their case and if they were happy with its outcome and how their attorney represented them.
  • Bar association. Your state attorney bar association will most likely offer a referral service which can provide you with the names of attorneys who handle car accident cases.
  • Internet search. You can conduct an Internet search to locate the names of potential attorneys. However, do not rely on these names without conducting more research.

Step Two: Research Potential Attorneys

Once you have selected a few attorneys you are interested in, you need to research them. These sources can help:

  • State bar association. Contact your state bar association to be certain that the attorney is a member in good standing and has no grievances filed against him.
  • Attorney reviews and ratings. Conduct an internet search for the attorneys’ credentials, ratings, and any reviews of the attorneys on sites other than their websites.
  • Attorney websites. If the attorneys who you are considering have websites, study them. See if you can get a feel of how much of their practice is car collision cases. However, keep in mind that their website will only say what the attorneys want. That is why you also want to conduct your independent Internet research.

Step Three: Interview Your Top Choices

Most car accident and personal injury attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. You want to take advantage of this and schedule appointments with your top choices. This is an opportunity to get advice on your case and to interview the attorneys. Areas you want to focus on include:

  • Experience. You want an attorney who has a lot of experience handling car accident cases. While this does not need to be his sole area of practice, it should be a substantial portion of it. An attorney who represents many accident victims will have a better understanding of how much your case is worth and strategies to deal with potential weaknesses in your case.
  • Record of successes. You are looking for an attorney who has a track record of successes both in settlements and trials. He should not be afraid to go to trial if he cannot reach a favorable settlement for you and should be competent in conducting a trial—something not all lawyers can do.
  • Communication. How the attorney communicates with you will have a huge impact on whether he is the right attorney for you. You need an attorney you feel a rapport with and who you feel you can trust. Equally important, you want to be able to easily reach your attorney when you have questions and feel confident he will answer your questions within a reasonable amount of time.

Step Four: Make Your Decision

If you have followed these guidelines, you should be ready to hire an attorney for your case. Even more important, you should feel confident in your decision because you have done your homework.

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