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A traumatic brain injury, or TBI, can occur when an object forcefully strikes or penetrates the skull or when a person’s head strikes an object. Although TBIs are common in motor vehicle collisions, especially those occurring on busy highways like Interstate 85 with high-speed traffic, they can also result from types of accidents, such as pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, and bicycle accidents.

Traumatic brain injuries can vary significantly in their severity. Although some TBIs are relatively mild, such as a concussion injury, other types can leave accident victims in a permanent vegetative state or even result in an untimely death. Furthermore, if an accident victim waits too long to seek treatment, it may be difficult for healthcare professionals to identify and treat a traumatic brain injury.

If you or a person you love sustained a TBI in an accident that resulted from someone else’s negligence, you may file a claim or lawsuit against the at-fault person or entity for monetary compensation. The Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can help you pursue and recover the monetary compensation to which you are entitled. We can assist you in pursuing a favorable settlement offer from the insurance company. If such an offer does not come from the insurance company, we fully prepare to litigate your case in Georgia’s courts.

Characteristics of a Traumatic Head or Brain Injury

It can be difficult to diagnose and treat a TBI, due in part to the challenge of identifying symptoms that are not always evident immediately following an accident. Certain symptoms strongly indicate a traumatic brain injury, however, and noticeable because they were not present before the accident took place.

These symptoms include:

  • Difficulty remembering things or working through common problems and challenges
  • Difficulty tasting, smelling, touching, seeing, or hearing
  • Difficulty processing information
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Emotional problems
  • Significant changes in the accident victim’s personality

Only a qualified healthcare provider can accurately diagnose a TBI, usually after performing an imaging study, such as an MRI or ultrasound.

If you believe you sustained a TBI in an accident that was not your fault, the Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury attorneys at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can take on all the legal aspects of your case while you concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Types of Brain Injuries That Victims May Sustain in a Serious Accident

Traumatic brain injuries occur at different levels of severity, but any of these injuries can be extremely serious and may have a lasting effect on the accident victim. In many cases of traumatic brain and head injuries, the accident’s degree of force is so great that the victim’s brain moves forward and backward inside the head and makes contact with the skull. In the process, the brain’s “internal wiring,” made up of axons and neurons, can become damaged, resulting in serious medical challenges and conditions.

The healthcare provider who treats you for your injury can explain the severity of your injury and whether or not there may be permanent effects on your lifestyle.

Some of the most common types of head and brain injuries that an individual might sustain in an accident include:

  • Concussions – Concussions range in scope from minor to severe. A person may sustain a concussion when there is a serious impact to the skull, resulting in a brain bruise. After a concussion, the accident victim may experience dizziness, vomiting, headaches, and reduced memory ability. With relatively minor concussions, these symptoms usually go away fairly quickly. However, if the concussion was a major one, the symptoms may last for an extended period of time.
  • Fractures to the skull – Like a concussion, a skull fracture may result after a strong blow to the head. Skull fractures occur when one or more of the bone plates that make up a person’s skull sustains a break. Forcefully striking one’s head on a window in a car accident, for example, can lead to a skull fracture.
  • Anoxic brain injuries – If a victim’s brain becomes deprived of oxygen for a period of time, an anoxic brain injury may result. Brain cells require a certain amount of oxygen to survive. When they do not receive the needed oxygen, the cells can die off quickly and create alarming complications.
  • Diffuse axonal injuries – A diffuse axonal injury takes place when a forceful impact to the head severs nerve fibers present within the brain. These injuries can create complications for the accident victim for the remainder of their life and may even lead to a coma or death.
  • Subdural hematomas – A person may suffer from a subdural hematoma if a large accumulation of blood builds up between the brain’s upper lining and the brain tissues following a blow to the head. In cases when an accident victim sustains a subdural hematoma, they may require a surgical procedure to remedy the situation.

Traumatic head and brain injuries can be debilitating and may require intensive medical treatment for many years. The knowledgeable Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can help you pursue the monetary recovery that you need after sustaining one of the injuries listed above.

Accidents That Can Lead to Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries

In cases when serious accidents occur due to someone else’s carelessness, recklessness, or negligence, the accident victim may pursue monetary compensation for a traumatic head or brain injury.

Premises Liability Accidents

TBIs may result from an accident that occurs on someone else’s premises. The owner or manager of premises, such as a store, restaurant, or market, owes their customers a high duty of care. Specifically, they must take measures to correct or protect against known dangerous conditions extant on the property. Such measures may include repairing deteriorating stairs or placing a sign warning of slippery floors.

In addition, owners and managers must inspect their property for unknown hazards. Whenever a property owner has knowledge of a defect on the premises and fails to take corrective or protective action, the premises owner may be responsible for any accidents and injuries that result from the defect. One common type of premises accident is a slip and fall. In a slip and fall accident, the accident victim may fall to the ground and hit their head, resulting in a serious brain injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Traumatic head and brain injuries can also result from a motor vehicle accident—specifically, an accident that occurs due to another motor vehicle driver’s negligence. Motor vehicle operators are required to abide by Georgia’s rules of the road while operating their vehicles. When Georgia drivers do not follow these rules, serious accidents can result. When one motor vehicle collides with another motor vehicle at a high rate of speed, the accident victim may hit their head on the steering wheel, dashboard, or window, resulting in a severe head or brain injury.

Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Traumatic head and brain injuries can also take place when a motor vehicle collides with a motorcycle or bicycle. Motorcycle and bicycle riders have a very limited amount of protection. Even if a motorcyclist or bicyclist is wearing a helmet, that helmet may crack after a forceful impact, and the cyclist can sustain a serious head or brain injury in the collision.

Accidents Caused by Defective Products

Product malfunctions can also lead to severe head and brain injuries. For example, a product may explode, or a piece of construction equipment may not work correctly, causing an object to collide with the accident victim’s head or resulting in the accident victim striking their head forcefully on the ground.

Medical Malpractice

Finally, serious head and brain injuries can occur due to medical malpractice. Healthcare providers have a duty of care to treat their patients reasonably under the given circumstances. If a medical mistake results in a serious head or brain injury, the healthcare provider may be deemed negligent and therefore liable.

If you or someone you care about sustained a traumatic brain injury in an accident that you did not cause, they experienced Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm are here for you. We can investigate your case and pursue the monetary compensation that you deserve for your traumatic head or brain injury.

Making a Claim for Damages in a Personal Injury Case Resulting in a Traumatic Brain Injury

If you have sustained a traumatic brain injury in an accident that was not your fault, you may file a claim or lawsuit against the individual or entity that caused your accident. If the insurance company refuses to offer you the compensation you deserve for your traumatic head or brain injury, you may file a lawsuit in the court system. Filing a lawsuit begins the litigation process.

Litigation typically consists of both oral and written discovery, along with a settlement conference, in which the parties come together and try to resolve the case. The parties may elect mediation or arbitration for their case, or take it to a civil jury trial. At a jury trial, the jury members will listen to all of the evidence presented in the courtroom, including the medical evidence, and decide all outstanding issues in the case. In many traumatic brain injury cases, the most important issue is that of damages (the amount of monetary compensation that the accident victim can recover for their traumatic brain injury).

The skilled Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can assist you with litigating your case in the court system and pursuing monetary compensation for your traumatic brain injury.

Potential Damages in Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Individuals who suffer from a traumatic brain injury often have to receive a great deal of medical treatment. The amount of necessary medical treatment depends largely upon the severity of the traumatic brain injury. In cases when an accident victim sustains a particularly severe TBI, they may require lifetime care and have to reside in a long-term care facility, such as a nursing home, for the remainder of their life. The costs associated with this type of care are not cheap, and the accident victim deserves to recover compensation for those costs.

In addition to potential lifetime care costs, an accident victim who sustains a traumatic brain injury may recover compensation for all related medical bills, lost wages, loss of future earning capacity, and costs associated with future medical procedures. In addition, the accident victim may receive compensation for pain and suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish, inconvenience, loss of use of a body part, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of spousal companionship and consortium.

The skilled Lawrenceville traumatic brain injury lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm will work to maximize the compensation arising from your traumatic brain injury.

Do You Need a Lawyer after a TBI?

Retain a traumatic brain injury lawyer in Lawrenceville after a TBI-causing accident. These types of cases often involve millions of dollars in compensation, and insurance companies will do everything they can to resolve cases for as little as possible.

Some of the tactics an insurance company may employ to minimize your settlement include:

  • Misrepresenting your legal rights
  • Requesting overbroad authorizations to dig through your medical history
  • Pressuring you to provide a recorded statement
  • Making a settlement offer before you have had a chance to speak to an attorney
  • Waiting until your bills are piling up to make a settlement offer

Insurance companies know how to get injured victims to settle for less than their cases are actually worth. The best way to protect your rights is to retain an experienced injury lawyer as soon as you can.

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