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Bicycles continue to be a popular form of transportation, exercise, and recreation across the United States. The country’s carbon footprint decreases as more people choose biking over automobile transportation. The greater the number of people riding bicycles, however, the greater the number of bicycle accidents.

The Lawrenceville personal injury accident lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm will review the facts of your case and investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. After you have finished treatment for your injuries, we can submit a settlement demand and pursue monetary compensation on your behalf. If the at-fault person’s insurance company does not offer the fair and just compensation you deserve, our legal team can file a legal complaint in the court system.

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Because bicycles leave their riders exposed to direct contact with vehicles and surfaces, bicycle accidents often lead to serious (and sometimes fatal) injuries. Unfortunately, state laws do not require adult bicyclists to wear helmets.

Injuries that individuals sustain in bicycle accidents can be extremely painful, and recovery often requires a significant amount of medical treatment. Consequently, if someone else’s negligence caused a bicycle accident that injured you or a person you love, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable and experienced team of attorneys on your side who can assist you with pursuing the monetary compensation you deserve.

Common Injuries and Medical Treatment from Bicycle Accidents

According to recent statistics, more than 1,000 cyclists across the country are killed annually in accidents, and approximately 467,000 injuries each year are related to bicycle accidents. Statistics also show that the costs associated with bicycle accident injuries can be extremely high, showing productivity losses and lifetime care costs of approximately $10 billion yearly.

Even when cyclists wear protective headgear, the American National Standards Institute notes that helmets can crack in a bicycle accident and allow the wearer to sustain severe cranial injuries.

There is no disputing that bicycle accidents can lead to severe and sometimes fatal injuries, particularly if the cyclist doesn’t wear a helmet to protect from catastrophic bicycle head injuries. Common injuries that result from bicycle accidents include soft tissue injuries, traumatic head and brain injuries, bone fractures, shoulder and rotator cuff injuries, internal bleeding, spinal cord and back injuries, comas, and even death.

The treatment that you must receive following a bicycle accident injury depends greatly upon the nature and extent of the damage your body has sustained. As soon as possible after your accident, visit a local urgent care facility or hospital emergency room so a healthcare provider can evaluate you, even if you are not sure whether you even sustained an injury.

A minor injury that goes undetected can develop into a much more serious concern in a short period of time. Prompt medical attention is essential. Before you leave the emergency room, the healthcare provider may recommend follow-up treatment with a specialist, such as an orthopedic doctor in the event you suffered a broken bone in your bicycle accident.

In addition to visiting an urgent care facility or emergency room, make an appointment with your primary care doctor as well (if you have one). It strengthens your bicycle accident claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company if you can prove that you took prudent and prompt steps to receive the medical guidance and treatment your injury required. To learn more about if you are covered by insurance after a bicycle accident speak with one of our skilled Lawrenceville bicycle accident lawyers.

Depending upon the injury or injuries that you suffered in your bicycle accident, you may also need to undergo surgery or some other significant medical procedure. For soft tissue injuries, lengthy physical therapy regimens are sometimes necessary to help you regain full mobility. You may also seek injections for pain relief, in the event pain management intervention becomes a necessary part of your treatment.

While you are treating your injuries, the experienced team of Lawrenceville bicycle accident lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm will be working on your case. Our legal team will collect the necessary documentation, including police reports, medical records, and medical bills. We can also undertake any investigations that may be crucial to proving your case. CONTACT us today to discuss your case and what we can do for you. 

Common Causes of Lawrenceville Bicycle Accidents

Common causes of bicycle accidents that take place in the Lawrenceville region include:

  • Motor vehicle driver negligence – Individuals who operate their cars, trucks, and SUV’s on Lawrenceville roadways owe others, including bicyclists, a very high duty of care. Specifically, they have an obligation to operate their vehicles in accordance with the state of Georgia’s rules of the road and reasonably and carefully at all times. This standard of care applies not just on the road but also in parking lots, parking garages, and other areas where bicyclists and pedestrians are often present. When a motor vehicle operator speeds, drives recklessly, weaves in and out of traffic, or follow too closely behind a vehicle in front of them, they increase their chances of colliding with a bicycle and injuring the cyclist. In a collision between a motor vehicle and a bike, the cyclist almost always ends up the worse off. If you have been involved in an accident due to a Lawrenceville truck accident or Lawrenceville car accident then learn what Brauns Law, P.C. Can do for you. Give us a call today.
  • Distracted driving – As part of their duty of reasonable care, motor vehicle operators must pay attention to the road at all times. Drivers must stay alert for smaller vehicles, including bicycles directly on the road or in an adjacent bicycle lane. When motor vehicle operators constantly check or program their cell phones and other electronic devices while operating their vehicles, the chances that they will cause an accident increase dramatically.
  • Road defects (especially near construction sites) – In some instances, bicycle accidents are not the result of negligent motor vehicle operation. Instead, these accidents occur because of defects on the road, such as large cracks, potholes, and grooved pavement. Bicycle accidents are especially prevalent in this context when construction companies do not post the proper signage to warn cyclists and motor vehicle operators alike that construction work is taking place. If an accident caused by a road defect injures a cyclist, they may bring a claim or file a lawsuit against the potentially responsible entity, such as the city, county, or a private construction company, for damages.
  • Defective bike parts – Many essential parts make up a bicycle, including handlebars, wheels, and brakes. When one of these parts malfunctions while a bicyclist is out on the road, an accident can occur causes the cyclist to fall to the ground and sustain a severe injury. Bicycle manufacturers and part manufacturers owe a duty of care to the public to ensure that only safe and properly tested bicycle parts enter the market and are made available to consumers. When a bicycle accident victim can demonstrate that a defective bicycle part caused an accident, they may file a claim or lawsuit against the parts manufacturer or some other entity that is part of the distribution chain, for monetary compensation.

If a bicycle accident stemming from one of the circumstances listed above injured you or someone you love, you must have an experienced Lawrenceville bicycle accident attorney at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm representing you throughout your entire case. We can assist you from the initial claims stage of your case all the way up through litigation. If you decide to take your case to trial, our lawyers will zealously advocate for your interests in the courtroom and help you obtain the best possible jury verdict.

Bicycle Accident Insurance Claims

The first step to seek compensation for your bicycle accident injuries and losses is to file insurance claims against the negligent party or parties.

These might include:

  • Drivers
  • Employers of drivers on the job
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Construction companies
  • Government agencies

Whether your claim is against an individual or a corporation, it can be an uphill battle. Insurance companies will challenge liability for your injuries, as well as the extent of your losses. The adjuster will surely try to get you to accept a settlement that is far too low, and you should never sign anything without first speaking with an attorney. The right bicycle accident lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to try to obtain the maximum possible settlement in your situation.

Litigating a Lawrenceville Bicycle Accident Case

In some bicycle accident cases, despite faithfully negotiating with the at-fault individual or entity’s insurance company, the insurance company still refuses to offer full and fair monetary compensation to resolve a case. When that happens, you have the option of litigating your bicycle accident case through the state civil court system. The litigation process begins when your attorney initiates a lawsuit on your behalf by preparing and filing a petition with the proper court.

Under Georgia law, there is a two-year statute of limitations in place for bicycle accident cases, including those that involve bicycle accidents. Under almost any circumstances, you have only two years from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for your injuries. Absent some extremely limited exceptions, if you do not submit your lawsuit within that two-year period, you will forever waive your right to do so and can no longer pursue money damages for the injuries that you suffered in your accident.

Secure a knowledgeable Lawrenceville bicycle accident attorney at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm as soon as possible after your accident. Your lawyer will make sure that a lawsuit is filed well within the two-year window of time. The lawsuit will name all responsible parties involved in the accident, whether those parties are negligent motor vehicle drivers, parts manufacturers, or some other person or entity.

After you file your lawsuit in the court system, the insurance company will likely appoint an attorney to represent the defendant(s) whom you have named in the suit. The defense attorney will file an answer, and both sides will take part in discovery. The discovery phase offers each party the opportunity to learn more about the other side’s version of the case. Written discovery consists primarily of interrogatories and document requests, while oral discovery usually refers to a deposition.

During the discovery phase of bicycle accident litigation, the parties may continue negotiating to reach a favorable settlement number. If these negotiations fail, the parties may agree to arbitrate the case or take part in mediation. A mediator will step in to facilitate a reasonable settlement between the parties. If the case has still not settled, the parties have the opportunity to try the bicycle accident case before a jury. After a jury trial, the jurors may reach a verdict that resolves the issues the parties are disputing in the case. In most bicycle accident cases, one of those disputed issues is damages (the amounts and types of compensation awarded to the injured accident victim).

Lawrenceville Bicycle Accident InjuriesFor the accident victim to recover monetary compensation in the form of damages, the accident victim must demonstrate that the at-fault individual owed a duty, that the at-fault party violated (or breached) this duty, and that as a result, the accident victim suffered injuries and damages.

Available damages in a Lawrenceville bicycle accident case can include compensation for lost earnings, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of spousal support and companionship, mental distress and anguish, loss of use of a body part, and loss of enjoyment of life. If a family member dies in a bicycle accident that resulted from another person’s negligence, then the surviving family members may assert a wrongful death claim against the at-fault person or entity.

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