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Documenting Your Claim: Document Everything

In case you have not already figured this out, organizing and documenting your claim is the most important thing you can do to help your claim.  It is extremely important for you to write down all the little details as soon as they happen so you don’t forget.  You are not going to remember all the little things in six months, little things that show your pain and suffering and make your claim’s value more compelling.  Constantly write things down as they come to you. If it is not written down immediately, you will forget it.  Make sure all your notes make it to the ClaimClinic Binder. The binder needs to be the central source for all information.  Moving notes from your pad or cards into the binder will help you think about the information in such a way that your claim will begin to form itself in your head.

Accident Notes

There are a lot of hidden facts in your accident that can add up to more money for your personal injury claim.  Use the Accident Facts Worksheet to work through all the facts that may be in your favor.  The Worksheet will also enable you to dissect the police report, pulling out every hidden fact in there as well.  Put your notes behind the Police Report tab in your Binder.

Injury Notes

Thinking about, and writing down, everything about your injuries and treatment will also help you talk to your doctor about them.  As discussed in the Medical Treatment Module, insurance companies look at your medical records for evidence of your injuries and pain and suffering.  By telling your doctor EVERYTHING that hurts and being able to describe the pain, you are helping get your claim documented in your medical records.

After you leave your doctor’s appointment (or other medical provider like a physical therapist or chiropractor), sit in your car and write down notes on everything that was discussed.  What questions you asked the doctor and what he/she told you about your treatment.  These notes should be behind the Medical Records tab in your ClaimClinic Binder.

Expenses & Lost Wages

Write down the days you missed from work and the reasons why (what pain or injury kept you from working).  Keep a Mileage Log of all your travel to/from doctors offices.  Write down parking receipts.


Take notes using Claim Clinic’s Call Log Sheets on all telephone conversations you have had with adjusters, witnesses, or anybody else regarding your claim

Miscellaneous Notes

Also make note of anything you missed out on in life because of the accident and your injuries.  This includes things such as canceling vacations, missing family member’s birthdays, other missed special events (anniversaries, concerts, cultural events, etc), or meetings.  Claim software will accept data for “loss of enjoyment of life” so these “losses” all flow from the accident and should be compensable.

Similar to loss of enjoyment of life is Duties under Duress.  This phrase essentially means working while in pain – you are performing your duties while under duress.  Claim software takes this type of data into account as well, so record all instances of working while in pain and make sure to tell your doctor about them as well (so they get in your medical records).

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