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Documenting Your Claim: Overview

PhotographsThis is the biggest part of handling your own claim.  It is also where ClaimClinic is going to pay for itself (along with teaching you how to write a Demand Package).  It is also the part where you stand to obtain more money for your injuries if you do it properly.

Much of handling your own car accident claim deals with collecting, confirming, and preserving facts.  At a very high level, you will:

These are the big tasks that will lead you up to putting together a Demand Package and negotiating your personal injury claim with the insurance companies.  ClaimClinic is going to teach you ALL the steps to making a thorough and assertive claim.  You may not have the time or desire to execute on all of the suggested points.  The more steps you can do, the smoother and more valuable your claim may be.  Much of what goes on in the claims process is showing the adjuster you know the process and are proactive in working up your claim.  You goal is to get the adjuster to give you the benefit of doubt on the data she/he is inputting into claims software and to get the adjuster to respect you enough to want to bring you into the high range of settlement offers.

Using either the Investigation Module navigation box or the ClaimClinic dynamic menu in the right sidebar, work through each investigation/documentation topic.

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