Gwinnett County Construction Accident Lawyers

If you were injured on the job at a construction site, the pain and discomfort of your injury might only constitute the start of your problems. If your injury causes you to miss work, the lost wages and medical bills can pile up and drown you in debt.

Construction accidents have the potential to cause severe physical and financial pain for victims and their families. Dealing with extensive medical bills, lost wages, and the disruption to your life only adds insult to injury.

In some cases, the construction company at fault and their insurance companies will fight against paying your claim for a construction-related injury. To ensure that they pay their fair share of your expenses and damages you need experienced, smart, and professional personal injury attorney. The Gwinnett County construction accident lawyers at Brauns Law Accident Injury Firm can help you recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other damages that you have incurred. You can contact us at (404) 348-0889, or through our online contact form.

Actively Protecting the Rights of Construction Accident Victims

At Brauns Law, PC, we take your construction accident injuries seriously, because we are serious about protecting your rights. We take pride in being a single-attorney firm. This allows us to operate the way we believe is best—with dedication to every one of our clients. We understand your hurt, your concerns, and your fears. Our clients’ needs come first and we fight to recover compensation for injured people.

Why Contact a Construction Accident Attorney?

Each state has varying laws concerning personal injury and construction sites. At-fault companies will certainly retain legal counsel in these potentially complex liability and OSHA cases. These are just a few of the reasons we recommend seeking professional assistance after a construction-site accident.

Understanding how to navigate the different types of claims and the myriad of state and federal regulations is a necessary component of success. The guidance of an experienced legal professional can make all the difference in the outcome of your case.

Construction Accident Lawsuits and Claims

Once are hurt on a job site, obtaining compensation isn’t as simple as writing a report and filing a claim. In fact, knowing what type of claim to pursue can make a considerable impact on the outcome of your case and the amount of compensation your lawyer may pursue.

Some claims that an experienced lawyer can pursue include:

  • Workers’ Compensation: This is your most immediate and likely first option. Pursuing workers’ compensation requires proof of the accident. Once workers’ compensation accepts the claim injured workers can begin receiving benefits.

Although worker’s compensation does shield employers from actions like frivolous lawsuits, it doesn’t protect employers from being grossly negligent. Filing a workers’ compensation claim does not mean that a lawsuit can’t be filed against an employer. An experienced lawyer can help navigate the tricky waters of workers’ compensation and also help you to get just compensation in the event of negligence.

  • Product liability: Tools and construction go hand in hand. This increases the potential for injuries due to equipment malfunction or failure. Product liability claims require proof that negligently designed or manufactured products caused your injury.

Your case has the potential to involve the manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer, Product liability claims require proof that negligently designed or manufactured products caused your injury.”

  • Wrongful death: There is no such thing as writing a wrong in the case of wrongful death suit, but a caring and experienced lawyer can help you seek justice and prevent the further financial pain and suffering that the loss of a loved one can cause. The financial strain isn’t the first concern, but it is a serious one in such circumstances. Getting the right legal help won’t make it right but it is a step toward preventing further pain and suffering.

Common Causes of Construction Accidents

High accident rates have always marred the construction industry. The often dangerous nature of the work does not eliminate the need for acceptable compensation or excuse preventable accidents.

Possible causes of construction accidents include:

  • Crane accidents
  • Harness accidents
  • Collapsed structures
  • Compressed gases
  • Mechanical hazards

This list could go on. Every single incident is a candidate for a claim and a reason to seek legal help.

If there is a silver lining it is this: Brauns Law, PC has considerable experience handling a multitude of construction-related injury cases. We are well-versed in the world of construction safety and OSHA. “Georgia’s construction industry is booming, seemingly with a new construction project every day. If you get hurt, consult a compassionate, experienced attorney.”

Construction Accident Liability

The first step in any case is identifying any liable parties. That isn’t necessarily as easy as it sounds. While workers’ compensation acts as a shield against lawsuits, they can and do happen. Georgia law allows employees to hold employers accountable in cases of intentional or egregious behavior.”

It is entirely possible that more than one party is at fault and liable for your construction accident. Hiring the right lawyer gives you the best chance to obtain fair and just compensation, because an experienced attorney will know to look for liability among everyone who may have contributed to your injury.

  • Construction Site Owner(s): Depending on the degree of control the owner legally has over the construction property, you may hold construction site owners liable.
  • General and sub-contractors: General and sub-contractors are obligated to provide a safe work environment. In particular cases, you may hold these parties accountable for safety infractions.
  • Prime contractors: Contract specifics will determine liability for prime contractors in construction site accidents. Contracts will specify the work for which contractors are responsible”
  • Architects and engineers: Architects and engineers may face liability for construction site injuries stemming from code violations, design flaws, or failure to assure compliance with plans or blueprints. Establishing liability may require analyzing the engineering or architecture contract.

Get Results with David Brauns

Filing a claim or lawsuit following a construction accident is part of the process toward recovery. Getting appropriate compensation requires an experienced attorney who can evaluate the past and future expenses caused by your injury.

Brauns Law, PC can help you determine whether you can pursue compensation for your accident, including:

  • Loss of wages
  • Medical expenses
  • Physical therapy
  • Mortgage and rent
  • Pain and suffering

Contact us to talk to an experienced construction accident attorney today. If necessary, we will begin an investigation into your claim, determine liable parties, and help define the type of claim to pursue.

Attorney David Brauns has all the experience necessary to fight for your rights. Don’t navigate the complex legalities of construction accident suits alone! Brauns Law, PC is here to listen to your concerns and provide a free consultation. Call (404) 348-0889 to speak with a professional about your case.

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