Gwinnett County Medical Bill Recovery Lawyer

Seeking Full Recovery for Your Medical Expenses After an Accident in Gwinnett County

Any type of vehicle accident can be stressful. You may be unable to drive your vehicle for a period of time, you may face the costs of repairs, you may feel emotional trauma from the event, and you may not be able to return to work right away. On top of all of this, many accident victims must deal with serious injuries.

Car accidents cause millions of injuries each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). After an accident, you or emergency personnel may immediately know that you suffered injuries, due to pain, bleeding, unconsciousness, the inability to move, or other signs of serious injury. You may have to ride in the ambulance or may receive advice to go directly to the emergency room from the scene of the crash.

Even if you do not notice any overt signs of injury, remember there are many injuries that develop or worsen over time. You may feel some discomfort in your neck and write it off as typical stiffness or soreness after an impact. In reality, you suffered strains and small tears in the soft tissue of your neck, which them may go undiagnosed for too long. Even if you do not notice apparent symptoms of injuries, it is still a good idea to undergo a medical examination so a doctor can diagnose any injuries in a timely manner and you can begin treatment right away.

The main reason many accident victims fail to seek the treatment they need is concern over the cost. It is no secret that medical care is expensive in the United States, even if you have health insurance coverage. You may also encounter difficulties with a health insurer once the company learns your injuries stemmed from an accident.

Never let financial concerns keep you from getting proper treatment for your injuries. Untreated injuries may worsen and require more invasive treatment down the line. Instead, know that the auto accident attorneys of Brauns Law, PC, are here to assist you in recovering for all of your medical bills after a crash. We can advise you whether another party can be held responsible for your expenses and will seek the full amount of compensation you deserve.

Medical Bills Can Add Up Quickly

The medical treatment you need will depend on the nature and severity of your injuries. Medical bills arise from many types of assistance and treatments, including:

  • Ambulance rides and treatment at the scene of the crash
  • Medevac helicopter rides or flights for particularly life-threatening situations
  • Diagnostic tests and trauma care in the emergency room
  • Admission to the hospital or intensive care unit
  • Doctor’s visits
  • Specialist appointments
  • Physical therapy and other types of rehabilitative therapy
  • Medication
  • Medical equipment
  • Time in a rehabilitative or assisted living facility
  • Home health or personal assistance

Someone with a broken arm may incur bills for emergency room care, imaging tests, a cast or sling for their arm, painkillers, initial and follow-up visits with an orthopedist, and multiple physical therapy appointments. These bills will add up quickly into the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

An accident victim with a spinal cord injury can incur bills for ambulance transport, emergency trauma care, hospitalization, numerous tests and monitoring devices, a medically-induced coma if needed to prevent complications, procedures to reduce swelling or bleeding, and extensive rehabilitative therapy. If a patient suffers paralysis due to a spinal cord injury, they may require wheelchairs and other medical equipment, modifications to their home or moving residences, assistance with everyday tasks, medications, and much more. The costs of living with a spinal cord injury can easily rise into the millions of dollars.

Whether you have a relatively small or tall stack of medical bills, you still deserve to recover for every cent if someone else caused your injuries. If another driver acted negligently and caused your crash, you have the right to seek compensation for any bills and expenses. At Brauns Law, PC, we help clients facing all amounts of medical bills, so please contact our firm for more information as soon as possible.

Do You Need Ongoing Medical Treatment?

You may not complete all medical treatment before you file a claim, or you may require ongoing treatment for years or even for the rest of your life. At Brauns Law, PC, we always account for any potential future expenses you may incur to ensure you have the financial support you need. Insurance companies often try to limit recovery for future losses, so it is important to have a law firm that knows how to prove such damages.

Proving the costs of past medical treatment can be relatively straightforward, as your medical bills should demonstrate all amounts charged for your care. However, you will not have bills for future treatment, so our attorneys use other resources to prove those upcoming losses.

We have access to medical experts who can attest to the types of treatment you will likely require due to the nature of your injuries. Having reliable experts can be key for accident victims with lasting injuries, as they can help determine how much recovery you should seek. If you fail to seek full damages for future medical expenses, you will find yourself responsible for paying those bills. Instead, you should seek help from a law firm that knows how to calculate all past and future losses up front to ensure maximum financial recovery for you.

Discuss Your Rights with Our Gwinnett County, Georgia, Personal Injury Lawyers

Some accident victims think that seeking compensation for medical expenses is as simple as presenting their bills to an insurance company. Unfortunately, insurance companies can find many ways to decrease or deny claims, even with evidence of medical bills. Companies may question the necessity of certain treatments, choice of doctors, and more. In addition, accident victims may fail to request compensation for future estimated losses.

To ensure you have the most successful claim possible, please call the auto accident lawyers at Brauns Law, PC, at (404) 975-2576 or contact us online. We will evaluate your rights for free.