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The human brain is well protected within its skull, surrounded by fluid and protected from most trauma. However, the brain is still vulnerable to any shaking that moves it around. This movement can dispute the normal functioning of the brain, such as how it sends and receives signals, resulting in a traumatic brain injury, or TBI.

TBIs are a common injury. According to statistics, TBIs send about 2.5 million people to the emergency room each year, resulting in around 280,000 hospitalizations. TBIs are also a contributing factor in over 50,000 deaths a year, many of which take place in Georgia.

At our firm, we meet with people who feel as if their lives have completely turned upside down after a brain injury. They realize they can no longer live their lives as they used to, and they need compensation to help them move forward. If you have suffered a brain injury, reach out to a Gwinnett County traumatic brain injury lawyer with questions.

How a TBI can Disrupt Your Life

After a traumatic brain injury, many victims report feeling like completely different people. They struggle with day-to-day activities because of the complications from their injury, such as:

  • Impaired memory. Many TBI victims experience problems with short-term memory, such as what they had for breakfast or where they need to be at a certain time of the day.
  • Behavioral changes. Many victims can experience depression and irritability, as well as episodes of explosive anger.
  • Difficulty moving or maintaining coordination or balance. A TBI victim might have trouble walking, getting dressed, or cooking meals. Movements can be jerky or spastic. If serious enough, some victims can no longer perform basic everyday tasks.
  • Trouble communicating. A TBI victim’s speech might be slurred, and they might have trouble hearing or understanding another person’s speech.
  • Sleep disturbances. A victim might sleep much more or less than normal, which can also worsen behavioral changes.
  • Pain. Many people have intense headaches for weeks or months after suffering a brain injury, and this pain can be crippling.

Because someone’s daily activities are so disrupted, many people will suffer serious losses:

  • A loss of income, especially if they must take extended leaves from work as they rehabilitate their injuries.
  • Massive medical expenses, especially if they need surgery or months of rehabilitation. When brain injuries are severe, many people need at-home attendants to take care of them.
  • Impaired relationships, especially intimate relationships.
  • Reduced quality of life, as victims cannot enjoy the same hobbies they once did.

To regain as much independence as possible, many people with moderate to severe TBIs will benefit from speech therapy or occupational therapy, in addition to working with a psychiatrist.

How Doctors Diagnose a Traumatic Brain Injury

There is a common misconception that you have to pass out after a blow to the head in order to have a TBI. Actually, there is no such requirement, though many people will temporarily lose consciousness, and doctors consider this fact relevant. But even if you did not pass out, you still might have a brain injury that requires serious treatment.

When you go to the hospital, a doctor will ask you questions about the injury, such as how it occurred and whether you lost consciousness, as well as how long unconsciousness lasted. A doctor might also order an imaging test, such as a computerized tomography scan, or CT scan. However, most TBIs are ultimately diagnosed based on the symptoms you experienced.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our clients suffer TBIs in a variety of ways. Not every client suffered trauma to the head. Instead, a blow to the body could be sufficiently serious to cause whiplash, leading to brain injuries. Many of our clients reach out to us after injuries from:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Slip and falls
  • Trip and falls
  • Incidents involving defective products

Regardless of how our clients sustain injuries, their traumatic brain injuries soon become evident and they need help to cover all of their sudden expenses. This is where we come in.

How a Gwinnett County Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help

If someone else is to blame for your brain injury, you might be able to receive compensation to cover your losses. For example, many of our clients have received money to cover:

  • Medical expenses, including the costs of rehabilitation and prescription drugs
  • Lost wages, including lost future wages if the impairment is permanent
  • Pain and suffering, to compensate for the physical effects of the TBI
  • Emotional distress, which can be considerable depending on the severity of the injury

An attorney can identify who is to blame and can collect evidence to make a compelling case for compensation. Evidence collection can take a considerable amount of time, which you might not be able to devote given your condition.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, your attorney can negotiate a settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurer. Similarly, if you hit your head by tripping and falling in a store or at a private residence, an attorney can negotiate with a business or homeowner’s insurance company, relieving you of the stress. While we get to work handling legal issues, our clients get to focus on their recovery and spending time with their families.

Contact a Gwinnett County Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Don’t feel quite right after a fall? If not, you might have suffered a traumatic brain injury without even knowing it. At Brauns Law, our clients come to us after receiving a TBI diagnosis or after an accident but without any official diagnosis as to what is wrong.

Help is available. Under Georgia law, you can receive compensation for a TBI when someone else’s wrongful conduct is to blame. To learn more, please reach out to us today. We offer a free initial consultation to the public where we can discuss your case and answer any questions you might have. The sooner you contact us, the more we will be able to help you.

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