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Free Tips To Get You Started

5 Key Tips To Get You Started

ClaimClinic’s mission is to provide you with massive amounts of materials and instruction for handling your own personal injury claim. ClaimClinic offers FREE email tips to teach you 5 of the most important things you must do straight away to get your case positioned correctly. The tips and techniques in these 5 days of material alone should result in your claim being worth more such that ClaimClinic will pay for itself.

Talking to Adjusters

One of the first things you are faced with in handling your own claim is talking to both your insurance company and the other driver’s insurance company’s adjuster. Adjusters aren’t lawyers, but they obviously know a lot more about handling claims then the average person. This tip will get you comfortable in talking to adjusters while maintaining a firm position regarding your claim.

Using Medical Payments To Your Advantage

Most people don’t really know everything their car insurance provides in terms of coverage. Many have MedPay, which pays for some of your medical treatment no questions asked. Learned how to best use this coverage to your advantage.

Medical Records & Claim Values

The key to your claim’s value lies in your medical records. Learn how to interact with doctors and their staff to ensure your injuries and damages are contained in your medical chart. Also, get a glimpse into all the various types of value drivers that adjusters look for in your medical records.

Police Reports

Police reports are usually ready 3-5 days after your car accident. Learn how to dissect the information coded in your police report and to identify what the adjusters are looking for as well.

Handling Your Car Damage Claim

Almost everyone’s first priority is getting their car situation figured out. Even though your car will either be repaired or totaled, you have options to maximizing this separate claim (and which the adjusters won’t volunteer).


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