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You generally think of nurses and other hospital workers helping injured and ill patients. Many people fail to realize the risks of injury that hospital workers face each and every day when they go to work. These risks are real, however, as statistics demonstrate. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicates that in recent years, hospitals and healthcare agencies reported more injuries than any other industry in the United States. This means that healthcare workers suffered more job-related illnesses and injuries than workers in manufacturing or construction, which many people consider to be the most dangerous injuries. In one year, more than 253,000 hospital workers reported injuries. It is important to fully understand the risks of injuries to hospital and health workers, as well as their rights if an injury does occur.

At Brauns Law, PC, we understand the Georgia workers’ compensation system inside and out. We represent workers in all types of industries seek the benefits and assistance they need after suffering a workplace accident. Our workers’ comp attorneys recognize the challenges that commonly arise during this process and are ready to face them head-on for you. This allows you to focus on recovering from your physical injuries and getting back to work. Call our office today if you have questions about initiating a workers’ compensation claim or about an existing claim.

Common Injuries in the Healthcare Industry

While you may not view a hospital as a hazardous place, hospital workers engage in many activities on a daily basis that may result in serious injuries or illness. Some activities include:

  • Lifting patients in and out of beds, ambulances, gurneys, or wheelchairs
  • Assisting physically unstable patients with walking, going to the restroom, and moving around
  • Dealing with patients who may have cognitive or behavioral impairments and may assault a worker
  • Handling sharp needles, scalpels, and other tools that can cause lacerations
  • Coming into contact with germs, bacteria, and infected bodily fluids of patients
  • Exposure to airborne toxins and contaminants that may cause diseases and viruses

Every time a nurse or staff member enters a patient’s room, there is the risk of an accident occurring. Such accidents can cause many injuries, including but not limited to:

Physical injuries can require emergency medical attention and may cause an injured healthcare worker to take time off from their job. First, some injuries need rest to heal, which includes refraining from work-related tasks. Other injuries may make it impossible or unsafe for a nurse or hospital staff member to perform their job. For example, a nurse with a serious back injury or a fractured arm should not help support patients when they move around.

Nurses and healthcare workers are not only at risk for physical injuries, but they also face a serious risk of contracting influenza, Staph infections, pneumonia, or even HIV from patients. Such illnesses can require extensive medical treatment and time off work before someone can recover.  Some illnesses have no cure, and a hospital worker may deal with the disease for the rest of their lives.

Whether you suffered an illness or an injury while working in a hospital, doctor’s office, or another healthcare setting, our law firm can assist you in seeking benefits for your medical expenses and lost wages.

Your Rights to Financial Recovery After a Work-related Illness or Injury

Georgia law requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, which provides coverage for employees who suffer injuries on the job. When an employee files a valid workers’ compensation claim, the company’s insurer should provide benefits for any of the following that apply:

  • Costs of all medical care
  • A percentage of wages lost from missed work
  • Temporary disability
  • Permanent disability

While the law entitles you to such benefits, insurance companies may try to limit your benefits based on the following:

  • Questioning that your injury was work-related
  • Challenging the necessity of certain medical treatments
  • Challenging the necessity of so many days off work
  • Claiming your condition does not rise to the level of an impairment or disability that affects your ability to work

You may know that your condition stemmed from your job and that your medical treatment and missed days of work were necessary; however, insurance companies may still try to fight against liability. It can be shocking to receive a denial of benefits you think you deserve after a workplace accident. You shouldn’t wait to contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

At Brauns Law, PC, our firm helps injured workers in the following ways, among others:

  • Handling your initial workers’ compensation claim
  • Ensuring you meet all procedural requirements for your claim
  • Providing sufficient evidence to support your claim
  • Appealing any reduction or denial of benefits

Dealing with a serious workplace illness or injury can be difficult, and the last thing you need is additional stress. Let our attorneys navigate the workers’ comp process for you so can focus on making a full recovery or adapting to any impairments resulting from your injuries. We work with clients across all industries, including the healthcare industry.

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After an injury at work, you need a skilled Georgia workers’ compensation attorney on your side as soon as possible. Having the right lawyer from the very start of your claim can help to eliminate complications, delays, or denials of the benefits you rightfully deserve. If you already received a denial of your claim or a reduction in benefits, our attorneys can also help to rectify the situation whenever possible.

While you may expect the workers’ compensation claim process to go smoothly, too many injured workers in Gwinnett County struggle to receive their benefits as they should. Please know that the experienced workplace injury attorneys at Brauns Law, PC, are ready to assist you. Call (404) 975-2576 or contact us online to discuss your options for free today.