Duluth, GA DUI Accident Lawyer

Payback: Making Sure DUI Accountability Falls On The Right Shoulders

Traffic accidents occur far more often than they should. However, there’s a reason they are referred to as “accidents.” A fair number of traffic collisions are caused by flukes or unintentional mishaps—the driver was looking in the wrong direction, he didn’t see the stop sign, etc. Although disastrous, the driver didn’t purposefully plan to get into a wreck. However, when a driver intentionally gets behind the wheel after he has been drinking, the case can be made that he willingly and purposefully put others in harm’s way.

As a result, Georgia considers DUI collision cases to be judged differently from other car accident cases. When you suffer a car accident, you’re entitled to normal damages for the injury, property damage, pain, and other regular categories of compensation. However, when you suffer a wreck due to a drunk driver, you may also be entitled to punitive damages, which can dramatically increase the value of your settlement. Punitive damages are a special category of compensation meant to punish the driver who is at fault. Since he willfully put you in danger, you have the right to request additional damages from his insurance company.

That’s where we come in.

Gathering Evidence to Make Them Pay for Their Mistakes

In order to receive your rightful punitive damages (as well as all the other types of damages you are entitled to), you need to present the insurance adjuster with a compelling claim. Your claim needs to include substantial evidence and strong legal arguments on why you deserve the recovery you demand. That’s where David Brauns and the Brauns Law, PC team come into play. With over a decade’s worth of experience, we know how devastating a drunk driving wreck can be. As such, we will do everything in our power to help you build an undeniable claim, including obtaining the following necessary pieces of evidence.

  • The DUI driver’s prior arrest records to see if he is a repeat DUI offender.
  • All versions of the police report, including revised and amended copies.
  • All photographs, video, and audio recorded by the arresting officer.
  • All 911 calls where other drivers are informing on the actions and state of the DUI driver.
  • The trial transcript and prosecutor’s file from the DUI criminal trial.

At the same time, we will provide you with valuable services throughout your claim process, including…

  • Communicating with the criminal prosecutor to share information vital to your case.
  • Being with you for all criminal court appearances and for every conversation that the prosecutor or criminal defense lawyer wishes to have with you.
  • Reviewing all of your options for a reasonable settlement.
  • Developing a strong client–attorney relationship.
  • Helping with organizing and dealing with medical bills and insurance paperwork.
  • Educating you on all aspects of the claim process, including what to expect and how to deal with delays and setbacks.
  • Maintaining your determination to get you what you’re rightfully owed—we’ll follow every avenue to make sure your needs are met.

Although a criminal trial may give you some peace of mind, only a personal injury claim will give you complete closure. Not only will a claim provide you with the opportunity for restitution, but it will also ensure that the DUI driver is monetarily punished for his actions.

Call us at 877-401-6689 and see for yourself how David’s determination and initiative is exactly what you need to get justice for your accident. Don’t allow someone else’s poor judgment to jeopardize your family’s future; call us today to make sure he pays the consequences.