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What Treatment Will You Need After a Car Accident?

The rising costs of medical care are on the minds of many Americans, and people avoid going to the doctor whenever possible simply to avoid the bills. However, if you’re in an accident and feel pain, soreness, or other injury symptoms, it’s important that you get checked out by a doctor as soon as possible. Too many people don’t go to the emergency room or doctor after accidents, and their conditions worsen because they didn’t receive the treatment they needed. Treatment can vary from one patient to another depending on the type of injury and its severity. If you are in a car crash, you may need the following treatments.

  • Emergency treatment – In many cases, car accident victims have severe injuries that require immediate stabilization. In such cases, emergency medical personnel may want to transport you in an ambulance, which can ensure that you are receiving treatment on the way to the hospital. Even if you don’t need an ambulance ride, you should always go to the emergency room or urgent care if you are in pain after an accident. A timely diagnosis is critical so you can receive the treatment you need and also so you can prove your injuries were related to your accident.
  • Hospitalization – Some injuries require ongoing monitoring and stabilization, so you may be admitted to the hospital. If you are unconscious—such as with a severe traumatic brain injury—you may even need to spend time in the intensive care unit. While hospitalization is costly, it can be necessary to control your injuries and symptoms.
  • Surgery – Some injuries – especially compound fractures, internal injuries, and more—require surgical intervention, either right after the accident or at a later date. Surgery can be costly and the recovery period extensive.
  • Rehabilitative therapy – Even if you do not need to stay in the hospital or have surgery, many types of traumatic injuries require some amount of therapy to help you recover and regain your full physical abilities. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other types of treatment can last for weeks or months and can have an impact on your schedule and your finances.
  • Medications and medical equipment – Many car accident victims need prescription painkillers, infection preventatives, and other medications to control their symptoms. In addition, you may need crutches, a wheelchair, a boot or brace, and other medical equipment to assist you while you heal.
  • Ongoing care – Severe injuries may leave you with permanent impairments and effects, which may need to be treated and managed for years or maybe even the rest of your life. The costs of ongoing medical care can easily rise into the millions of dollars.

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