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About ClaimClinic

ClaimClinic makes it easy for people who have been hurt in a car accident to handle their own car accident insurance claim. We developed ClaimClinic to make sure people who wanted to handle their own claim had the best possible instruction on how to do it successfully.

Solving Your Claim Problems

Having access to amazing information online is what the internet is all about. Having organized, credible information is another. Before ClaimClinic, the internet only offered people thin e-books and random articles spread throughout the web. The information was unorganized and lacked any real substance. Most information was either intended to talk you into hiring a lawyer (notice how many law firm articles come up during your research?) or entice you into spending money on the e-books, which only give you the barest of details on handling your claim and no information on how to maximize it.

ClaimClinic changes all that.

Meet the Founder

Attorney David BraunsDavid Brauns

Founder, Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Hi. I am the creator and author of ClaimClinic. I spent the first part of my legal career defending insurance companies in personal injury cases. I handled anywhere from 80 to 100 personal injury lawsuits for all the major insurance companies and rental car companies. I then “flipped” sides to help personal injury plaintiffs.

Over the years of my personal injury practice, I  received phone calls from 100’s of people who were trying to handle their own car accident claim. They always wanted to know if there was a book or resource to help them. So, I spent time buying and reading all the PI claim e-books and regular books I could. I wanted to be able to tell callers what was the best guide for a DIY personal injury claim. I was disappointed, however, with all those resources. I then spent over a year laying out and writing about all the different topics someone needed to handle their own claim. A lot of what you will read inside the ClaimClinic is taken from my own practice and is based on how we run claims administratively NOTE: I don’t give legal advice in the ClaimClinic. If you need legal advice, you can call me by going to my Atlanta injury law firm website. If I cannot help you, I will put you in touch with a lawyer in your state who can.

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